is a low-quality VPN that comes with extremely slow speeds and questionable privacy features. You should use a real VPN like NordVPN instead. Don’t waste your time with a shitty VPN service.

By now, you probably now that most free VPNs are evil personified and you should never trust one with your privacy and online security.

I’m saying this because, for all the self-righteous rhetoric and morally-justifiable bombastic phrases they’re throwing around, they are still liable to double-cross you when you’re not watching.

A knife in the back, is that what you want?

Well, definitely has the ability to do that, just like every other similar online security provider on the market.

Let’s see how this one tries to emphasize its services and get you to jump on their cyber-ghostly pirate ship but ultimately fails to keep its word. It’s really starting to become a cliché to talk about the deceiving nature of free VPNs.



Generally, I have come to expect only the worst in terms of speed when it comes to free VPNs because they simply lack the infrastructure necessary to provide something other than the crawling velocity of an Olympics-winner turtle.

The servers one would need for, let’s say, allowing you to stream Netflix in HD are exponentially more expensive than the basic ones.

Even when it comes to a steady, no-freezing and no-glitching server uptime with constant speeds, things are much more difficult than it might seem for a VPN that theoretically makes no revenue from its clients.

Just think about it for a second. Even the premium VPNs out there that charge you for their services have server issues at times, let alone the fact that there are very few of them that you can use to stream Netflix.

On the official site, you can clearly see that they’re qualifying their server speeds as Blazing Fast. You have access to Over 10 Gbit/s of dedicated network cloud capacity.

It’s just like them to try and beautify their hoax, make it seem like they have server speeds that greatly surpass your imagination. And they clearly do. Just not in the way you’d expect. Or, probably, exactly the way you’d expect.

Forget about streaming in HD, you should sacrifice a few goats to Zeus if the loading times of the web pages you visit are shorter than 10 seconds.

And this is just an appetizer. Buckle your seatbelts because we’re about to delve even deeper into this pile of garbage that’s provided to you for free.


Locations has a total of 6 servers, 4 of which are in France, and 2 are located in Russia. That’s their whole coverage upon which they want to build a reputation as an Advanced VPN.

I think it becomes painfully obvious that this is far from being enough when it comes to satisfying a few privacy-oriented requirements. It won’t suffice to overcome geo-blocked content, for starters.

It would be simplicity itself for Netflix, for example, to ban all the IPs originating from these 6 servers in as long as a few hours. There really is nothing more to say.

Do you want to access restricted content on the web? Well, you don’t have so many options with regard to geographical spooking. You can choose France, Russia, and… nope, that’s it.

Then, we should also think about the fact that overcrowding is another major issue. With only 6 servers, it would be a surprise if 4 of them weren’t indefinitely out of order.

Well, come to think of it, overcrowding could be a problem, but I doubt it that there are that many people who use, to begin with.



When it comes to privacy and the most basic requirements that a VPN should be able to fulfill, fails miserably in any conceivable way. It even fails miserably in some inconceivable ways as well.

Many users have complained that their IP was exposed when performing a test on This is anything but a surprise, actually. The security protocols and encryptions of a free VPN will always be bad, irrespective of which VPN we’re talking about.

Arguably, some are better than others, but I use the term better when comparing the lesser of two evils which is already an absurd situation, to begin with.

Moreover, the OpenVPN certificate bundles were simply not working as they should. This was the main problem. With such a basic and efficient protocol as OpenVPN, I really have no idea how you can fuck things up so badly that even it started to malfunction.

And when you think about the fact that’s slogan is The New Way to Anonymize, you can only hope they roll over and die already. The strongest encryption standards known in the industry that they’re praising amount to nothing but a crappy wooden fence that you can just leap over in an instant. uses the OpenVPN AES-256 and free PPTP VPN protocols in terms of security. Theoretically, this should provide a decent amount of protection but I should know better about how a free VPN has the talent of smearing shit on everything it touches.

Free VPNs have a bad reputation not because people are overly-exaggerated skeptics and ill-intended, but because they’re proved time and time again that they provide shitty services.

More than that, with regards to privacy, these pro bono online security providers will do just about anything for some pocket change, even collecting your personal information and selling it to the highest bidder.

Now, I’m not saying that is doing that with its clientele but, to keep it short, that’s exactly what I’m saying.

In times such as these when the internet occupies a big part of our lives, and where there are unspeakable dangers with how we conduct ourselves online, you have to take as many security precautions as possible.

And being skeptic towards is nothing but common sense.


Ease of use

The platform is available on PC, Linux, Mac, iOS, and Android devices. Therefore, compatibility-wise, I would have to say that it’s pretty decent. Evidently, it’s nothing too fantastic or awesome, since it would be common sense to offer a varied range of platforms to use.

As for how the client itself works, its aesthetics or overall reliability, I have no information on this. However, many users have complained that the OpenVPN Certificate Bundle has many errors or glitches.

It simply doesn’t work as it should.



The only way you can initiate contact with the staff is through an online form you have to complete on the official website.

The time it takes you to receive a reply, you ask? A very good question. Well, to put things into perspective, one user issued an official complaint about his IP being revealed when he tested for leaks.

Fast-forward three months and he still hadn’t received a response.

As for any helpful articles or FAQ information that you can access to actually solve any issues you might have, you’re in bad luck. There are no such things. I mean, what the hell, who even needs that bunch of crap, right?

There is an actual FAQ section available, but it contains information that you can find on Wikipedia after a 3-minute search. Things like what a VPN does or is supposed to do when looking at the shabby state of, for example.

In other words, the customer support is all but non-existent.



What pricing? This is a free VPN so you don’t have to pay for anything. Well, maybe for the bad decision of choosing to use to begin with.

You might find yourself in danger of being scammed, have your confidential information stolen, and your online persona gagged, tied to a post and crucified in the public market.

The cherry on the cake – you can choose to donate if you find the services useful.

You heard that right. You can donate to further keep alive and kicking.

Buried six-feet under goes around saying that they are fully aware of what online anonymity entails, that it works hard to enhance your protection and bring about a new era of encryption security.

They’re occupying the morally-superior position, supporting the net-neutrality and everyone’s right to privacy on the web.

But do they also stay true to their words? No, they don’t. Their services are anything but good or even decent.

I would encourage you to look elsewhere, towards the digitally-superior and popular online security providers out there.

NordVPN, ExpressVPN or CyberGhost are currently at the top of their game when it comes to privacy, anonymity, security, speed, and a whole lot of other aspects that has no idea about.

If you don’t want to sabotage yourself, and if you don’t enjoy being taken for a fool, which I assume you don’t, then forget all about It belongs in a graveyard, next to the other free online security providers that reek with the same vomit-inducing odor.

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