Zero VPN is a free VPN service that promises anonymous web browsing and complete security. There are however several concerns about this service that I would like to point out in this detailed review.

Read this full Zero VPN review in order to learn all about the services provided by this VPN and why you should not install this app on your device.

Warning: Zero VPN seems to either be a botnet or is running malicious code on users’ devices. You should not install Zero VPN on your device. You should instead choose a legitimate and proven VPN like NordVPN.



The speeds offered by Zero VPN is not that bad but not that great either. Its something that you can expect from pretty much any mediocre VPN service provider.

There have however been several user comments and reviews online according to which there are extended periods of time when you will simply be unable to access this VPN and it’s servers. So even if speeds are decent most of the time, it appears that there are quite frequently serious outages when nothing works.



There are only a handful of locations and servers offered by Zero VPN. This makes this VPN completely useless to unblock streaming sites such as Netflix. Zero VPN will never work for unblocking Netflix because all their IPs and servers are banned by the popular streaming site.

Zero VPN is also not a good VPN for unblocking anything because it only has servers in a couple of countries only.



Zero VPN is not recommended for privacy at all. First, it’s a free VPN and claims that it will never have a paid version. The question then remains that how does this VPN make any money, because no company would launch and maintain a product on the market without making any money.

The following are pure speculation on my part but they are not that unrealistic all things considered: ZeroVPN is either a botnet or it intercepts all your data in order to sell it to internet marketing corporations.

I strongly suspect that it’s one of the two possibilities from above but it’s also likely it’s both at the same time.

Something I have been reading online were user comments according to which Zero VPN is a huge battery drainer. This begs the question what exactly is draining so much battery, because a simple VPN app should never drain significant battery power. This brings me back to the botnet question mentioned above; it appears that the Zero VPN mobile app does something else on people’s devices other than just creating a VPN connection.

What that is? I don’t really know. Could be a botnet, keylogger, cryptocurrency miner; it doesn’t matter. What matters is you should never install this VPN mobile app on your device!


Ease of Use

Zero VPN only exists in the form of an Android mobile app. That’s it. There is no desktop version and there is no iOS version. The Android app seems to be very basic and simplistic, like it was put together during a long weekend.

Also, it’s weird that there is no iOS version. Could that be because it’s very hard to impossible to upload apps onto the Apple App Store that contain malware or hidden malicious code? Maybe, maybe not. 🙂 I’m just saying…. 🙂



Like said earlier, this is a free VPN, so there is not much I could talk about pricing. But considering you will be paying with your privacy and the security of your device I’d say the price of using Zero VPN is extremely high. 🙂


I’m not necessarily (:-)) saying that ZeroVPN is a fraud and/or malicious service that is either a botnet or a well-disguised spyware, but you should nevertheless keep in mind all the red flags described above.

It’s a free service, sure, but it’s only available on Android where it’s very easy to install app that contain malware. It’s not available on iOS where it’s extremely difficult to install such apps unless your phone is jailbroken.

Then there are several user reports and comments on various internet forums that say that using the Zero VPN app will substantially drain your battery life, which should absolutely never be the case when using a VPN app. This could indicate that the app might perform other things in the background that are not related to your VPN connection. Just saying…

As such, in my opinion, it’s not with installing Zero VPN on your device. Even if everything I described above turns out to be completely false, it’s still not worth taking the risk considering there are so many alternatives that are completely legitimate.

Take NordVPN for example. It has everything Zero VPN does not have and has an impeccable reputation online. With NordVPN you will never have to worry about potentially being tracked by anyone.



I don’t think Zero VPN has a consumer support at all.

There is an email address you can write to but according to several user comments on various forums you will never get a reply if you write to that email address.

Our Rating


Zero VPNis extremely fast, simple and private: a truly standout VPN

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