NoName Hacker Group Targets German Weapons Manufacturer Rheinmetall with DDoS Attack

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By Miklos Zoltan . 28 March 2023

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The Russian hacker group has today targeted the German weapons manufacturer Rheinmetall with a DDoS attack.

The Russian hacker group has today targeted the German weapons manufacturer Rheinmetall with a DDoS attack.

Rheinmetall’s website was briefly unavailable on the morning of 28 March. Access was later restored.

Rheinmetall is expected to provide Ukraine with ammunition and weapons, such as tanks, which prompted the Russia-affiliated hackers to target the company.


  • Russian hacker group NoName targets German weapons manufacturer Rheinmetall with DDoS attack
  • Rheinmetall website temporarily unavailable, later restored on March 28
  • NoName group known for targeting government institutions and companies with a pro-Ukrainian stance

The NoName hacker group, known for its Russian origins, has launched a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack against German weapons manufacturer Rheinmetall.

The Russian hackers posted the following on Telegram:

NoName hackers Rheinmetall

The attack resulted in the company’s website becoming temporarily unavailable. NoName is notorious for targeting government institutions and companies with a pro-Ukrainian stance.

Rheinmetall website DDos attack

The Rheinmetall website was restored on March 28 and is now operating as usual.

More about NoName

The connection between the NoName hackers and Russian intelligence services remains uncertain. The group claims that the attacks are a retaliation for the targeted countries and businesses’ support of Ukraine.

Yesterday the company targeted the website of the French National Assembly. Like in the case of Rheinmetall’s website, the French National Assembly’s website was briefly inaccessible following the attack.

Last week other businesses and government entities with pro-Ukraine positions were also targeted in Poland, Estonia, and Italy.

DDoS attacks can have significant consequences for victims, including financial losses if the website downtimes are extensive.

The unavailability of websites can cause confusion, frustration, and disrupt public services. Attacks on government websites can erode public trust in institutions and their ability to safeguard citizens from cyber threats.

The NoName attack on Rheinmetall emphasizes the ongoing threat that cybercriminals and state-sponsored hackers pose to government institutions and critical infrastructure.

Rheinmetall AG, a German automotive and arms manufacturer headquartered in Düsseldorf, Germany, is traded on the Frankfurt stock exchange.

The company is capable of covering approximately 50% of Ukraine’s ammunition requirements and is awaiting a decision from Berlin and Kyiv regarding the construction of a tank factory in Ukraine within the next two months.

Rheinmetall produces ammunition, military equipment, and Leopard tanks (in collaboration with Krauss-Maffei Wegmann), which Germany decided to send to Ukraine.

CEO Armin Papperger informed journalists that Rheinmetall anticipates a strong operating cash flow in the first quarter and expects a record year for order intake.

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