VPN for Roobet: How to Unblock Roobet from Any Country

Updated: 5 September 2021
Updated: 5 September 2021

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In this guide you will learn how to unblock Roobet using a VPN. We will also discuss what the best VPNs are for Roobet.

Quick guide to unblock Roobet with a VPN:

  • Click here to get NordVPN
  • Ask support to get a dedicated IP from Germany
  • Connect to Roobet with the Germany dedicated IP exclusively
  • Go to the Roobet website and create an account

Important Update September 2021: Roobet implemented an update that makes it not work with most VPNs. This is because Roobet can now detect shared VPN IP addresses.

But this can be fixed: NordVPN offers the possibility to get a dedicated IP address only you will ever be using. This way Roobet will not be able to know you are using a VPN IP (as you will be the only user).

Get a NordVPN dedicated IP here.

Country for dedicated IP that currently works: Germany.

After you register at NordVPN (or if you already have an account), you need to contact support and ask for a dedicated IP from Germany.

Unfortunately this might only work to register new Roobet accounts. It might not work if you have an existing account registered from another country than Germany.

Important for Canada: If you have a Roobet account registered with a Canadian IP, then Cyberghost offers Canadian dedicated IP addresses.

In some cases it might work with a regular VPN connection as well: You may need to try multiple servers before one works. Don’t immediately give up! This is normal and expected. Recommended countries for VPN servers currently are Romania and Canada.

Important notice July 27 2021: Roobet is asking players to disable their VPN for a one-time location check. This is to trap you and disable your account. Do not do this!

It is possible to bypass this check by contacting Roobet live chat support and insisting that you do not use a VPN (even if you do). Be very firm but polite! There are multiple reported cases of them backing off and leaving you alone if you do this.

*Last tested NordVPN on 10 August 2021 and it works with Germany dedicated IP.


  • Roobet isn’t available in most countries around the world. For instance, Roobet is currently blocked in countries like the US, UK, France, Germany, and Denmark.
  • You can unblock Roobet using a VPN service
  • Most VPNs will not work with Roobet

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In this guide, you will learn how to unblock and bypass Roobet geo-restrictions.

Unblock Roobet

How to Unblock Roobet Geo-Restrictions

Roobet is extra careful against users who might want to access its service from restricted regions. These regions include most parts of Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, and North America. This calls for an advanced internet tool to go around the restrictions. We recommend using either a VPN or a dedicated IP address.

Using a VPN to Unblock Roobet

A VPN will mask your real IP address by routing your internet traffic through a securely encrypted server. Before connecting to a VPN you will be able to pick a server from a list of countries. After you’ve connected, any website or app you access will think you are located in that server’s country.

This is how you can unblock Roobet in restricted countries.

Platforms such as Roobet will only see the VPN server IP address. And this how a VPN bypasses geo-restrictions.

However, not all VPNs can unblock Roobet. It would be best if you use a reputable VPN. Some features of a reputable VPN include IP and DNS leaks protection, zero logs policy, internet Kill Switch, large server network, fast internet speeds, and best-in-class privacy and security.

Steps to unblock Roobet with a VPN:

  • Ensure you have a reliable internet connection.
  • Download and subscribe to the best VPN of your choice.
  • Launch Roobet (either by signing up or logging in).
  • Play Roobet casino hassle-free.

Advantages of using a VPN

  • Super-fast servers and speeds.
  • Zero logs policy.
  • Military-grade privacy and security.
  • Bypasses geo-restrictions.

Disadvantages of using a VPN

  • Some VPNs lack a well-distributed server network.

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How to Pick a Good VPN for Roobet

Not all VPNs can unblock Roobet. It would be best if you use a reputable VPN. Here are the essential factors to consider when choosing a good VPN provider.

Connection speeds

When playing on Roobet, you need to make decisions in real-time. Whether it’s placing a bet or sequentially predicting outcomes, speed is of the essence. A fast VPN will prevent an accidental wrong selection that will negatively affect the outcome. VPNs that lag will not relay your bets in real-time, which may lead to losses. Also, timed games will require fast connection speeds.

Server Location

The best VPN for Roobet will offer a wide selection of servers that bypass Roobet geo-restriction. The servers should also be optimized for speed. The VPN should also allow unlimited server switches.

Since Roobet is only available in a handful of countries, you will make sure your VPN offers servers in such countries.

Recommended countries are Canada and Ireland.

No logging policy

A no-log policy ensures that a VPN provider doesn’t keep information that might compromise your privacy. A VPN with a no-logging policy is your best bet to ensure that no digital fingerprints are left behind. VPNs using RAM-based servers are recommended as the data is wiped on reboots.

Security and privacy features

Besides strong encryption, the best VPN for Roobet should have other privacy and security-enhancing features. These include a kill switch, DNS and IP leak protection, and secure protocols.

What Are the Best VPNs for Roobet?

Here are the best VPNs you can use to access Roobet:


ExpressVPN is an excellent choice for Roobet. It has 3000 servers located in over 91 countries worldwide spread across 160 locations. It has an ample number of server locations in countries that support Roobet. The servers are optimized for speed. You won’t experience lags while playing timed games or placing bates.

ExpressVPN implements a strict no-log policy. This is further enforced by the RAM-based servers. Data in the servers is wiped when the servers reboot. This is done on a routine basis. Also, its jurisdiction, the British Virgin Islands, doesn’t have mandatory data retention laws.

In terms of security, Express VPN uses the best-in-class encryption, AES with 256-bit keys. This encryption ensures your online traffic is safe. Additionally, ExpressVPN offers a Network lock (kill switch) and DNS leak protection.


Surfshark is another powerful VPN provider with all the desirable perks for Roobet. It has a network of 3200 plus servers with server locations in Roobet countries. The servers are optimized for fast speed. Hence you get a stable connection with no lags. Surfshark is also better at load balancing.

Surfshark boasts of a no-log policy, and the service uses RAM-based servers. Surfshark is also based in the British Virgin Islands (BVI). The BVI jurisdiction is not under the influence of the 14-eyes alliance. This makes it easier to implement its strict no-log policy.

Surfshark uses military-grade AES-256 encryption to keep your online traffic safe. Surfshark also offers a kill switch and DNS leak protection. The kill switch stops your internet traffic flow when the VPN service temporarily disconnects. DNS leak protection oversees that your DNS queries are serviced in the VPN tunnel.

Both the kill switch and DNS leak protection ensure that your internet traffic is always secure and private.

Using a Dedicated IP Address to Access Roobet

A dedicated IP address is a unique web address that’s assigned to a single internet user. It is helpful in cases where Roobet blocks VPN traffic. Most VPNs use shared IP addresses, and this makes it easy for Roobet to block them.

With a dedicated IP address, no one else will be given that address except you. You can get a dedicated IP address from VPN and Smart DNS providers. You can also opt for some reputable residential proxy servers.

We recommend purchasing a dedicated IP address from VPN providers. This way, you get both a good VPN and a dedicated IP address. Subsequently, using a dedicated IP address to unlock Roobet is similar to that of a VPN above.

Advantages of using a dedicated IP address

  • Helps you to avoid getting detected by Roobet.
  • Dedicated IP addresses are cheaper than VPNs.
  • Most dedicated IP addresses come bundled with VPNs for extra security.

Disadvantages of using a dedicated IP address

  • Security concerns when using a stand-alone service.
  • Stand-alone dedicated IP address providers lack enough servers around the world.
  • Limited options to choose from when it comes to dedicated IP addresses.

Safe Practices on Unblocking Roobet

Roobet is an online gaming site that is designed to stay vigilant against users who want to try malpractices like scamming and more. Therefore, any slight breach of their policy is considered suspicious. Here is a list of top practices that we recommend you can use to play Roobet safely.

  • Use a dedicated IP address – using a dedicated IP blinds Roobet from detecting the use of a VPN. Hence, Roobet won’t flag you as a VPN user.
  • Only deposit small amounts – Roobet asks randomly for proof of your residency if you deposit large sums of money. If you’re unable to provide these details, they’ll automatically lock your account.
  • Only withdraw small amounts – this practice helps avoid being asked to provide proof of your physical location. This verification is usually needed when you opt for bulk transfers.
  • Ask a friend to withdraw – if Roobet does finally demand an ID and physical location. Your best bet is to ask a friend in the allowed regions to verify the details in such cases. Roobet doesn’t ask for personal information at account creation, making it easier to use someone else.
  • Turn off geo-location on your web browser – this prevents Roobet from tracking your physical location.
  • Always enable an internet kill switch – when connected to a VPN. A kill switch feature disconnects you from the internet whenever your VPN connection drops and only reconnects you when it’s back up. This ensures that your online identity is never exposed.

Wrap Up

To access Roobet, you need to be in the areas it is available. If that’s not possible, you will need to get around Roobet geo-restrictions. You can do this by using a reputable VPN or a dedicated IP address.

Even after gaining access to Roobet, remember to play safely. Roobet is sensitive to various actions you do on the platform. These include depositing and withdrawing money. This guide covers how you can unblock Roobet and the best practices you can use to stay undetected from restricted countries.


What is Roobet?

Roobet is an online crypto-based gaming site that was established with a primary focus on gaming. However, the site has expanded to poker and sports betting.

Is Roobet Legal?

Yes, Roobet is legally licensed and regulated by Curacao eGaming Authority. The online gaming site uses the standard 256-bit SSL technology to encrypt its financial transactions and is GDPR-compliant.

Can Roobet detect VPN?

Roobet, like most online gaming sites, has systems that can identify common IP addresses used by VPNs. Roobet can also block VPN traffic coming from a shared IP address on the same VPN server.

Can a VPN unblock Roobet?

Yes, a good VPN can unblock Roobet from a restricted region. However, it’s crucial to ensure your VPN choice has the standard requirements to overcome geo-restrictions and remain undetected. For instance, an internet kill switch, dedicated IP address, fast speeds, good server network distribution are essential features to consider.

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