Avast VPN Does Not Work with Netflix? – Here’s How You Can Fix It

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By Justin Oyaro . 25 June 2024

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In this guide, you will learn about Avast VPN and Netflix and why the two don’t work together anymore in 2024.


  • Avast VPN does not work with Netflix anymore. All their servers and IPs are banned.
  • There’s not much you can do to fix this using Avast VPN alone.
  • You will need another VPN that is currently proven to work with Netflix.
  • In our periodic testing (last: January 2024) ExpressVPN performs best with Netflix.

Netflix is a popular online streaming service with a vast catalog of unlimited movies, TV shows, and much more. You can even download content for offline watching. The huge library does Netflix the most sought-after streaming service.

However, Netflix doesn’t offer the same content around the world. Thus, you need to unblock the other Netflix catalogs using a VPN to get the most out of it. Unfortunately, due to bans, not all VPNs can unblock and let you stream content from Netflix.

This has been the case with Avast VPN.

Continue reading to know why Avast VPN doesn’t unblock Netflix anymore. You will also learn about Netflix and VPN bans and the best VPN to unblock Netflix at all times.

Due to Netflix’s rigorous enforcement of VPN restrictions and Avast VPN’s failure to circumvent these blocks, Avast VPN is no longer a viable option for accessing Netflix. Instead, ExpressVPN emerges as the superior alternative, renowned for its vast array of servers, robust security measures, and outstanding capability to bypass geo-restrictions.

This article outlines simple steps to seamlessly unblock and stream Netflix content using ExpressVPN:

1. Subscribe to ExpressVPN: Visit the ExpressVPN website and choose a subscription plan that suits your needs.

2. Download and Install the App: Install the ExpressVPN app on your device. It’s available for a wide range of platforms, including Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and smart TVs.

3. Log In and Connect to a Server: Open the app, log in with your credentials, and connect to a server located in the region whose Netflix library you want to access. For instance, connect to a US server to watch Netflix US.

4. Open Netflix and Start Streaming: Once connected to the VPN, open Netflix. You should now have access to the content library of the region associated with the VPN server.

By following these steps, you can easily unblock and stream Netflix content from different regions using ExpressVPN.

Avast VPN Does Not Work With Netflix

Netflix Geo-Restrictions and VPN Bans

Other than Netflix originals, Netflix hosts content from other media companies.

Netflix may not show the content from these companies in other regions. This is mainly due to the companies’ copyright agreements, distribution rights, and licenses.

To avoid breaching the contracts, Netflix uses geo-restrictions to offer different content in various regions per the agreements.

To do this effectively, Netflix mostly relies on your IP address. This is because your IP address also contains a geo-location identifier.

Hence, you need to change your IP address to bypass the restrictions. The best way is by using a VPN.

Since Netflix knows this, it started banning the use of VPNs and other methods that enable you to change your geo-location.

Other than honoring the contract agreements, Netflix bans VPNs because they thwart Netflix’s data mining methods. These are techniques Netflix uses to determine what you might want to watch next.

If you are interested in unblocking Netflix, then check out the linked guide.

Why Avast Doesn’t Work with Netflix Anymore

Avast is unreliable when unblocking Netflix.

Currently, you cannot stream content from Netflix using Avast. This is because Avast VPN doesn’t have the competitive ability to bypass Netflix blocks.

It doesn’t even specialize in streaming online content.

Additionally, Avast has few servers. This makes it easy for Netflix to block all the servers.

Avast also does not work with Netflix Australia or helping you access Japanese Netflix.

To Continue Unblocking Netflix, use ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is the best solution for unblocking and streaming your favorite Netflix content.

ExpressVPN boasts a SmartPlay feature that enables it to securely unblock and access streaming sites.

ExpressVPN is also known for its impeccable security and privacy features; your online connections and data are always protected.

ExpressVPN’s unblocking abilities are a result of its large server network. It comprises more than 5200 servers geographically spread in 65 countries.

With this network, you can unblock and access Netflix worldwide. Additionally, the servers are optimized for blazing speeds and unlimited bandwidth.

This is beneficial for watching Netflix without buffering or lagging. It can handle up to 4K quality.

These servers are also optimized for downloading and other speed and data-intensive tasks.

ExpressVPN supports up to 6 simultaneous connections.

The VPN service is compatible with desktops, smartphones, laptops, streaming devices, smart TVs, gaming consoles, routers, and browsers.

For devices that don’t support native VPN apps, such as consoles and other smart TVs, ExpressVPN offers a Smart DNS. It has great unblocking abilities with fast speeds.

However, for better protection, it is recommended that you connect them through the ExpressVPN router or share your VPN PC connection. Concisely, you can watch Netflix concurrently on any of your devices.

Security and privacy-wise, ExpressVPN uses the next-gen AES-256-bit encryption, secure VPN protocols, leak protection, and a kill switch.

There’s also split tunneling, and the CyberSec feature helps stop ads, malware, trackers, and phishing attempts.

ExpressVPN also offers double VPN, Onion over VPN, obfuscation, and dedicated IP.

As a no-log VPN, ExpressVPN doesn’t collect nor log information that can compromise your security and privacy.

It also has a favorable Panama jurisdiction with no mandatory data retention laws.

ExpressVPN subscriptions offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, and you also get 24/7 customer support.

Steps on how to unblock and watch Netflix using ExpressVPN

  1. Ensure you have a reliable internet connection.
  2. Subscribe, download, and install ExpressVPN.
  3. Launch ExpressVPN and connect to a server location (where you want to unblock Netflix).
  4. Log into your Netflix account and start watching unlimited TV shows and movies.

At times, if you encounter a proxy problem, clear your browser cookies or the Netflix app cache before making the VPN connection.

Wrap Up

Unfortunately, Avast VPN cannot help you unblock and stream your favorite shows from Netflix.

It has a few servers and cannot bypass Netflix blocks.

To unblock and watch Netflix without a hassle, ExpressVPN is your best bet. It has a large server network, unlimited bandwidth, fast speeds, and unmatched bypassing abilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some people found answers to these questions helpful

Is using a VPN illegal?

No, in most countries, there’s no law stating that using a VPN is illegal. A VPN is a privacy and security tool used even by corporations to safeguard their connections over the internet. However, it is unlawful to use a VPN to commit crimes.

Can I get banned for unblocking Netflix with a VPN?

No. Netflix won’t ban you or suspend your account for unblocking its content. This is because you might protect your privacy and security while using Netflix. The most Netflix can do to block your connection or ban the VPN. You can avoid this by using the powerful ExpressVPN.

Will ExpressVPN slow down my internet speed?

You won’t notice it. ExpressVPN will rarely impact your internet speed. However, this may depend on various factors, such as the server connection. You will notice a speed drop if you connect to a server very far from you. ExpressVPN will sometimes increase your connection speed if your ISP is throttling your internet.

Which country has the best Netflix catalog 2024?

The US is popular for having one of the best Netflix catalogs in the world. However, it may also lack some of the other content offered by other media companies. Currently, Ireland, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Canada have one of the biggest Netflix libraries in the world.

Can I unblock Netflix using a free VPN?

No, free VPNs are not recommended for Netflix. Netflix requires unlimited bandwidth and fast speeds, which free VPNs don’t offer. Additionally, free VPNs have very few servers. This makes it impossible to unblock Netflix catalogs around the world. Also, free VPNs may not work with Netflix at all.

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