How to Change Netflix Region Without VPN?

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By Justin Oyaro . 22 January 2024

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Netflix content differs from one region to another except for the Netflix originals. The different selections are due to geo-restrictions.

Normally, a VPN is your best option for effectively bypassing geo-restrictions. Still, it is possible to change your geo-location and watch Netflix content from other regions without a VPN.

In this guide, I will show you alternatives that you can use to change your Netflix region. I will also let you know what methods to avoid and why.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

Summary: This article examines different methods besides a VPN for altering your Netflix region and accessing content limited by geography. Although VPNs are the top choice, alternatives like Smart DNS or proxy servers are also viable. The article guides you on utilizing these options and advises against using the Tor browser or homemade VPNs, as they tend to be sluggish, inconsistent, and might lack essential functionalities. In conclusion, for the safest and most effective region-switching on Netflix and access to diverse content, a premium VPN is highly recommended.

Netflix and Geo-restrictions

Netflix doesn’t own all the content in its catalogs. It outsources most movies, TV shows, and documentaries from other film companies and studios.

The outsourced content is bound by licenses and other contractual agreements stipulating its availability in various regions.

Thus, Netflix imposes geo-restrictions to adhere to the agreements. Netflix’s geo-restriction systems get users’ geo-location from their IP addresses.

Therefore, to bypass Netflix geo-restrictions, you must change your IP address or spoof your geo-location to another region.

Alternatives for Changing Netflix Region Without a VPN

1. Smart DNS

A Smart DNS is the best VPN alternative for watching Netflix content from other regions worldwide.

A Smart DNS re-routes your online connection through a DNS server located in another country. This spoofs your location on the DNS level and tricks Netflix into presenting you with the content of the selected country.

Unlike a VPN, a Smart DNS doesn’t encrypt your online connection, change your IP address, or provide a kill switch. Prying eyes might snoop on your online activities.

On the bright side, a Smart DNS doesn’t impact your internet speed like a VPN. Also, a Smart DNS is compatible with many devices since it doesn’t require installation.

To get the best out of a Smart DNS, go for Smart DNS services that offer many server locations and are reliable for unblocking Netflix.

You can also use the free Smart DNS service offered by most VPNs. It comes in handy when the VPN isn’t working properly.

Quick Steps on How to Use a Smart DNS to Change Your Netflix Region

  1. Subscribe to a premium Smart DNS service and register your IP address.
  2. Get the DNS addresses for your preferred locations.
  3. On your device, go to Network settings and look for DNS settings.
  4. Enter your Smart DNS address and restart your device.
  5. Open Netflix and enjoy content from a different region.

2. Proxy Server

A proxy server allows you to stream content from another Netflix region by masking your IP address to that of the selected location.

A proxy server plays an intermediary role – you give it requests and fetch the results. When Netflix gets your requests, it doesn’t see your IP address. Instead, it sees the IP address of the proxy server.

For instance, if you are in France and use a proxy server in the USA, Netflix will think you are in the USA.

Like a Smart DNS, proxy servers don’t encrypt your traffic. Also, most proxy servers are unreliable since they are transparent or anonymous.

These proxy servers don’t hide the fact that you are using a proxy. Netflix will have an easy time blocking your connection.

To get the best results, use premium residential proxy servers or ‘elite’ proxy servers with many server locations.

Proxy servers are easy to configure and are application specific. However, the Netflix app doesn’t allow you to configure a proxy.

Thus, you can configure a system-wide proxy on your device or use the proxy server address on a browser. Other proxy services and VPNs offer a proxy server browser extension.

Alternatives to Avoid for Changing Netflix Region

These alternatives will allow you to change your Netflix region, but the overall experience will be frustrating, unreliable, and unfulfilling.

1. Tor Browser

The Onion Router (Tor) is synonymous with online security, privacy, and anonymity. It is usually used by privacy-conscious individuals who deal with sensitive information.

Your online traffic is routed through random servers when using the Tor browser. There’s an entry node, relay nodes, and exit node.

Each relay node encrypts your traffic, concealing the origin of your online traffic from the exit node. Only the entry node knows your IP address.

The intended destination of your online traffic, such as Netflix, will only see the IP address of the exit node.

Tor seems like a perfect alternative for changing Netflix regions without a VPN. However, this is not the case due to the following downsides:

  • Painfully slow: Tor relays your traffic through many servers, each adding a layer of encryption. The total encryption overhead takes up a lot of bandwidth, which may result in constant buffering if you manage to stream anything.
  • Random exit node: Tor doesn’t allow users to choose the exit node. Therefore, you cannot choose a specific location for changing your Netflix region.
  • Tor is not for streaming: Streaming takes up much bandwidth and slows down the overall Tor network speed.
    This can inconvenience Tor users who want to protect their privacy and security while reclaiming their online freedom.
  • ISP blocking: Although internet service providers won’t know what you are doing on the Tor network, they can throttle your bandwidth or block Tor traffic.


A DIY VPN is a cost-saving alternative if you don’t want to spend on third-party consumer VPNs. Most resources for a DIY VPN are available freely on the internet.

Nonetheless, streaming Netflix content from different regions is not a great option. Usually, a DIY VPN allows you to get content from one or two locations at a time.

A DIY VPN also requires technical and hands-on skills; it might take several attempts to get it right.

Unlike other consumer VPNs, a DIY VPN lacks several features, and you cannot use it for ultimate security and privacy.

Wrap Up

A VPN is your best go-to solution for effectively changing Netflix regions. A premium Netflix VPN offers several server locations worldwide, each with unmatched unblocking abilities.

Additionally, a VPN allows you to connect many devices simultaneously and enjoy impeccable security and privacy.

Unlike other alternatives, a VPN is reliable and gives you excellent value.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some people found answers to these questions helpful

What Netflix region has the best catalog?

This depends on your preference and what you want to watch. Even so, I recommend choosing a Netflix region with the most titles or highly ranked titles. These regions include Canada, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, South Korea, the USA, and the UK.

Is it legal to change my Netflix location?

Yes, it is legal to change your Netflix region if you are moving to another country. However, Netflix doesn’t allow changing the Netflix region by using tools such as a VPN. It’s against its terms of use.

Will Netflix ban me if I change my Netflix region?

No. Netflix will not ban you from using their service if you change your region through a VPN, Smart DNS, or proxy server. Instead, Netflix will throw a streaming error if it detects you are trying to bypass its geo-restrictions. Sometimes, you will only get access to Netflix’s original content.

Will I still get subtitles if I change my Netflix region?

Netflix offers subtitles in up to seven languages in most regions. Depending on your language, you might get access to subtitles in your language or not. Widespread languages tend to get subtitles in most regions.

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