How to watch Netflix on the IndiHome Network

Updated on: 20 March 2020
Updated on:20 March 2020

How to unblock Netflix on IndiHome?

To gain seamless access to Netflix in Indonesia, just do the following:

  • Get ExpressVPN from the official website
  • Install the program
  • Connect to a suitable VPN server outside of Indonesia
  • Access Netflix unrestricted

Didn’t I tell you it was an easy process?

Only recently, we’ve gained information concerning an Indonesian ISP’s restriction on Netflix use. IndiHome, the Indonesian ISP in question, doesn’t allow its subscribers to connect to Netflix for one reason or the other.

If you’re currently confronted with this issue and want to access Netflix on the IndiHome network, follow the steps below. It’s an easy and efficient process!

Background on Netflix being banned on the IndiHome Network

Still, why is Netflix banned by the IndiHome Network?

Emma Sri Martini, president of the Telkomsel mobile operator company, says that “The block on Netflix is under consideration, it’s still being blocked because of concerns about regulation.”

During the same interview, she says that “We have [regulations] on pornography and SARA [tribal affiliations, religion, race, and societal groups]. Meanwhile, [Netflix] uses United States regulations as a point of reference, which are more open.”

This ban has been going on since 2016, when all service providers belonging to Telkomsel, including IndiHome, banned Netflix access to users. During this time, most people used VPN services like NordVPN to gain access to the massively popular streaming service.

Now, they’re discussing the necessity of unbanning Netflix because a little over 4 million Telkomsel users are crying for blood over the ban. This was a foreseeable event, given the restrictive regulations of the Indonesian government regarding pornography and other “sensitive” topics.

A quick look on Reddit posts tied to the IndiHome ban will reveal just how revolted the users are:

These are native Indonesian people wondering why Telkomsel is banning Netflix again and again. The phenomenon had already become so common that it’s not even a surprise anymore. People just whip up a VPN subscription, bypassing the IndiHome block instantly, and that’s that.

We should address the cause of the Netflix block as well. It’s curious how the American streaming service would raise concerns with the Indonesian regulations. The last time I checked, Netflix hadn’t uploaded porn videos there. Indeed, the content is for a mature audience, with the slight semi-nakedness present in some flicks, but that’s about it.

Moreover, no one’s forcing you to use Netflix in the first place. If you feel offended by the content there or if you feel it goes against your country’s regulations, don’t use it. It’s as simple as that.

However, get this – shortly after Telkomsel issued the ban on Netflix, it announced its collaboration with Iflix, a local VOD service. Coincidence or a pre-arranged deal? That’s for you to decide though it makes one wonder – was Netflix’s monopoly on online streaming becoming uncomfortable?

Perhaps Netflix refused to split its profits with Telkomsel so the latter decided to restrict access to it. Instead, they focused on the more local Iflix who might be sharing the profits with the Indonesian mobile operator company.

The bigger questions are – will they unban Netflix anytime in the future? And if they do, will it last this time? Even if they don’t, though, there’s nothing to worry about. VPNs are here to save your Sunday Netflix-binging-evening.

How VPNs can unban Netflix

Netflix is infamous for restricting access to users in certain countries but the other way around is true. Restrictive countries sometimes ban Netflix and a significant part of the internet as well, as it could instill unhealthy ideas in the citizens’ minds.

But there’s a solution to the Netflix ban – VPNs. Short for Virtual Private Networks, these programs allow you to use Netflix from anywhere in the world via a private server. This is how VPNs work:

  • You connect to a VPN server on the private network
  • The server creates an encrypted and private tunnel covering your internet traffic
  • Your Internet Protocol gets replaced with one belonging to the country where the server is located
  • Finally, your internet traffic will appear to originate from that specific country

This way, you will avoid national security regulations or internet bans. Since you’ll appear to connect from another country, your Internet Service Provider can’t restrict your access to Netflix. It won’t even detect you on the grid.

The best VPN services also have special functions that hide the VPN’s presence, so your ISP or other systems don’t detect you’re using one. This is a lifesaver when you’re living under authoritarian regimes that impose strict internet regulations. You might get in trouble if you’re found using a tool that helps you bypass those regulations.

Netflix bans VPN IPs

Not all VPNs will help you unban Netflix in Indonesia, though. Free variants, for instance, are absolute trash. Most of them, at least. They have bad security and encryption protocols, low speeds, and few servers that you can connect to.

Netflix has been known to ban VPN IPs whenever it detects any, and that’s why 99% of free VPNs aren’t good for this job. They only have a few servers with low IP-replacement capabilities. So, when Netflix bans an IP from a free VPN, chances are it’ll stay banned forever without getting replaced.

Only premium, high-quality VPNs like NordVPN or SurfShark will give you unrestricted access to Netflix. It’s not like Netflix doesn’t ban their IPs but that they replace those banned IPs quickly enough.


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  • Refunds might take a bit longer

NordVPN is the leader of the VPN industry, whether in security, server speed or privacy protocols. For instance, the DoubleVPN function allows you to connect to two VPN servers simultaneously, giving you double the protection.
There are several other incredibly useful functions that NordVPN provides with any of its subscriptions – AdBlocker, Kill Switch, Onion over VPN, DoubleVPN, SmartPlay. You get more than you pay for with NordVPN, you can be sure of that!

Concerning the prices, NordVPN has the best discounts we’ve seen to date. At present, their 3-year subscription plan has an 80% discount, costing 3.17 Euros per month (114.33 Euros every 3 years). That’s a decrease from 391.47 Euros every three years.

Most importantly, NordVPN periodically replaces IPs that are banned by Netflix. They do it often and fast enough so you’ll barely feel the inconvenience. If your current server can’t access Netflix, just connect to another one. There are 5268 servers to pick from!

Do we recommend NordVPN?

We definitely do! It brings together the best security, the fastest servers, and the most trustworthy privacy policies. It checks all the necessary boxes for a perfect VPN service!

Written by: Bogdan Patru

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