How to Unblock SoundCloud (Fully Explained)

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By Stephen Mash . 15 April 2022

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In this article you will learn about:

  • Why SoundCloud is blocked in certain countries
  • Why SoundCloud may be blocked at school or at work
  • Different methods to unblock SoundCloud

SoundCloud unblocked in five minutes:

If you want to get started right away, simply follow these instructions to unblock SoundCloud in about five minutes (no installation needed):

  • Click here to get ExpressVPN
  • Add the ExpressVPN extension to Chrome
  • Open the extension, enter the logins you used to register the account
  • Enjoy a fully unblocked SoundCloud

Is SoundCloud available everywhere?

SoundCloud is among the biggest music-sharing platforms on the internet. It was created in 2008 by a pair of Swedish sound designers and electronic musicians: Alexander Ljung and Eric Wahlforss. The goal of SoundCloud was to offer a service whereby artists could effortlessly share their creations with the world.

Unfortunately, SoundCloud currently isn’t available in every country, and various copyright agreements cause its music library to be geographically restricted.

So, depending on where you live, you may or may not have access to SoundCloud. And if you do have access, there may or may not be certain limitations on the music available for you to enjoy.

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Unblock SoundCloud

How Can SoundCloud Know My Whereabouts?

The same way all other internet services can find out: simply by looking at your public IP address. Then all SoundCloud has to do is check the country of your IP address’s registration.

I’m Traveling Abroad — How Can I Get SoundCloud If It’s Unavailable in My Country?

When you’re in the middle of travels, accessing SoundCloud content that you can normally enjoy at home may be impossible because of geographic blocks. Access problems may also arise if the country you’ve travelled to is different from your IP address’s registration country.

To circumvent this problem and gain access to your favourite SoundCloud content, it’s necessary to alter your IP address. The new IP address must have its registration in that country.

Using a different IP address than that of the country you are located in can help you unblock websites and restricted content.

How Can I Access SoundCloud Content That’s Available in Another Country?

Again, you’ll need a new IP address. This time, it should be registered not in your home country, but outside of it. If that country hasn’t geo-blocked SoundCloud either, you should be able to listen to all the music to all the music you want.

How Can I Access SoundCloud at School?

It’s no surprise that teachers and school admins sometimes block SoundCloud. It can be a major source of distraction, preventing you from studying or getting your assignments done!

How do they block streaming music services? The simplest and most common methods are by either adding the web address to a blocklist or by disabling router access to the IP address of the SoundCloud servers.

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Fortunately, there are ways to unblock SoundCloud at school. If you need access for a project or if you’d just like to listen to music during breaktime, one or more of these options can help:

  • You can access SoundCloud using your mobile data rather than the school network. This is the simplest method, but only if you’re happy to burn through your monthly data allowance.
  • You can use a proxy server to disguise the fact that you’re accessing SoundCloud. Your IP address will seem like it’s from another country (one you chose). Just know that a proxy server will dramatically slow down your internet connection. And if you use a free proxy server, you’ll be bombarded with ads, and the server will even monitor your internet browsing habits. And finally, be aware that using a proxy server whenever you need to transact payments is a terrible idea! The proxy server’s owner would gain access to all your sensitive credit card info.
  • You can also use a VPN service. This, too, will disguise the fact that you’re accessing SoundCloud. And you won’t have to put up with any of the disadvantages of a proxy server! VPNs are a great way to hide your network traffic. Now, there are different kinds of VPNs. Some focus on giving you an extremely secure way of connecting to the web, and some focus on providing ultra-fast servers ideal for streaming. Either way, VPNs are much simpler to set up than a proxy server, much faster, and much more secure.

It’s important to note that techniques that don’t encrypt network traffic, like SmartDNS, won’t work, as your attempt to access SoundCloud will be spotted.

Unblocking SoundCloud With a VPN

Let’s discuss VPNs in a little more detail. As a secure network, a VPN

VPN Services and SoundCloud

First, in case you were wondering, know that SoundCloud doesn’t include any restrictions on the use of VPNs in its terms of service. (Hooray!)

Now let’s consider premium VPNs vs mediocre VPNs. Well, it should come as no surprise that big premium VPN service providers boast massive advantages over other VPN services.

One such advantage is that they offer fast connections ideal for streaming music. There’s nothing worse than poor sound quality or buffering delays when you’re trying to relax to your favourite songs.

Another advantage is dedicated customer support. What would you do if something went wrong and you couldn’t access SoundCloud for whatever reason? It’s always nice to have the peace of mind that help is just around the corner (or a quick click away).

Which VPN Is Best For SoundCloud?

Our favourite VPNs — and really, they’re the best ones! — are easy to use, requiring zero technical expertise. Setup is a cinch, and so you should be able to start listening to your favourite music in no time.

That said, we feel that you can’t go wrong with ExpressVPN — our top pick to help you access SoundCloud anytime, anywhere. Because of ExpressVPN’s extremely fast servers, you’ll enjoy throttle-free SoundCloud streaming.

Additionally, ExpressVPN provides exceptional online customer support. And costing from only less than $9 a month, this service is one of the most affordable on the market.

Whatever VPN service provider you go for, the first step is to subscribe to a plan. Next, download and install the service provider’s VPN software. And then that’s it! From there, connecting to a server and unblocking SoundCloud should only take less than a minute.

In case you do choose ExpressVPN, keep reading for some easy instructions (and know that you made the right choice!).

Using ExpressVPN With SoundCloud

ExpressVPN is a top contender among VPN services when it comes to music streaming. With their exceptional customer service, you’ll be sure to get snappy help whenever a server happens to stop working with SoundCloud for whatever reason.

Now, keep in mind that regardless of the VPN you choose, your internet speed will slow down a little bit. That’s normal for all VPNs. But ExpressVPN still has an upper hand against its competitors, because it boasts some of the speediest servers around.

In reviews, customers say that they can barely make out a difference. So, ExpressVPN should make your music-streaming experience on SoundCloud fairly smooth and pleasant.

ExpressVPN is versatile. You can run it on practically any device — whether your laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Or if you like, you can even connect by having the ExpressVPN app run on your router.

If you don’t have permission to install applications, then you can install a browser add-on like the ExpressVPN Chrome or Firefox extension.

Troubleshooting SoundCloud VPN connection problems

If you can’t install ExpressVPN onto your computer, then the next thing to try is to install the ExpressVPN Chrome or Firefox extension on your web browser.

If, after installing ExpressVPN or the browser extension, your network still blocks access to SoundCloud, then try to connect to different servers until you find one that will work.

If in doubt, go to the ExpressVPN website and send a quick message to the live chat support on their website. They will let you know which the best server is to use for SoundCloud.

Troubleshooting SoundCloud Connection Problems

Can’t install ExpressVPN onto your computer for some reason? If so, the next thing to try is to install a Firefox or Chrome ExpressVPN browser extension.

Still no luck? Your next shot is to try out different servers. You might have to engage in some trial-and-error as you connect to various servers, but there’s a good chance you’ll find something that works eventually.

Another option you have is to simply reach out to ExpressVPN’s chat support. They should be able to tell you which server to connect to so you can finally access SoundCloud.

What If My Network Won’t Allow Me to Use a VPN?

Some networks, particularly those in schools and workplaces, may block VPNs altogether! That way, users are sure not to be able to use SoundCloud. Or so those darn IT admins think.

Lucky for you, there are ways to bypass even those blocks so you can access SoundCloud. For that, you’ll want to get stealthy again — this time by using a stealth VPN<. This uses a process called “VPN obfuscation” to make it seem like you’re not even using a VPN! Smart, huh? Additional things you can use a VPN for:


Why do institutions or governments block SoundCloud?

Soundcloud may be blocked due to various reasons. In institutions such as schools, Soundcloud is seen as a distraction. To help students concentrate on their school work, it is necessary to block SoundCloud.

The government and other agencies may block Soundcloud if they feel that it spreads ‘inappropriate content.’

Why can’t I play tracks on SoundCloud?

This may be due to geo-restrictions and copyrights. That is, some tracks are only licensed to be accessed in some regions. To avoid violating copyrights, Soundcloud and even artists ensure their content is not available in some regions.

You can bypass geo-restrictions by connecting to the appropriate server location.

Does Soundcloud block VPN connections?

No. Soundcloud doesn’t block VPN connections. It also doesn’t block other connections from various unblocking methods. However, some methods may not be able to bypass geo-restrictions on Soundcloud. In this case, you won’t unblock Soundcloud.

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