How to Unblock Any Website in 5 Minutes (Works 100%)

Updated on: 13 April 2019
Updated on:13 April 2019

Unblock any website in five minutes:

  • Click here to visit NordVPN and sign up
  • Get the NordVPN Chrome or FireFox extension (or install app)
  • Open the app and choose a server from outside your own country
  • Go to any website previously blocked
  • Enjoy full access to all web content

Important: If you do not have admin access on the computer you are using and can’t install apps, you should use the NordVPN Chrome or FireFox extension. Even if you don’t have admin access you can still add extensions to Chrome or FireFox.

What does NordVPN do?

NordVPN is a premium VPN (Virtual Private Network) that will mask your real location and make it look like you are from a different country, as such, unblocking websites that are not available in your country.

Is it anonymous and safe?

NordVPN is a premium VPN that does not keep any user logs of any kind. It’s 100% anonymous and safe.

Why should I not use a free VPN?

Free VPNs are very slow and will sell your data to corporations or the government.

Why Do Websites Get Blocked?

For expats or people who are on holiday, trying to access some of the content from their home country, whether this is the lottery, government sites, gambling, banking or other, getting access to native sites when abroad can be very difficult. If the site or service have implemented geo-restrictions, this often means that anyone outside of their chosen parameters face being locked out.

For those who reside or travel through countries with strict censorship, this can also mean the government has imposed content access restrictions that are difficult and sometimes very risky to try and bypass.

Employees and students will often realize that they’re favorite social, streaming, and gaming sites are blocked the organizations they belong too, and while understandable, it can prevent the enjoyment of work or study-free time as access to sites get blocked.

The quickest, easiest and safest way to bypass any of the above restrictions is via a VPN. In this article, we shall elaborate a little more as to why this is, and how a VPN can help infinitely when you are online and when you are trying to find out how to unblock the website.

Why Does A Website Get Blocked?

The Firewall

When you want to access a particular site, it is not always easy to understand why it is blocked. On occasion, a website may be blocked incorrectly, and while perfectly legitimate, for some unknown reason, the firewall is programmed to block anyone from accessing the site.

Each and every site on the internet is categorized. While this is fairly easy for some websites, such as gambling, streaming, shopping, etc. For other sites, such as Facebook, YouTube, and many more, there are so many different categories of content, that the computers do not always categorize everything correctly.

Easy enough right? Wrong. For smaller businesses, it might be a simple case of calling the IT person or department in order to get them to lift the ban. For larger companies or for those have their IT managed centrally, this process can take days, weeks, or even months.

However, for ISPs or Hotspot providers, it is a thankless task trying to get them to take make changes to their protocols and rules. As such, a VPN presents itself as the fastest, easiest, and most effective way to unblock websites, wherever you might be located.

Your Location / Geo-Blocking

This is something which is completely outside of your control but will most likely impact you at one point or another when you are trying to access content on the internet or visit a particular website.

Lots of very popular websites will use located-based enablement in order to make sure the right content is displayed to the right audience. This feature was introduced to ensure that website display in the right language and display the right products in the right currency. However, the development of this technology has also meant that sites such as YouTube, Netflix and many more, are able to distinctly offer different sets of content to different users, based on their location.

Copyright laws in the US are vastly different from those outside of the region. A good example of this can be seen with Netflix. They offer a very different content library for their members who are based outside of the US and serve up different content to different countries. While residents and visitors to the US have always benefits exclusively from this, with a VPN, people across the globe can now access any content they like with ease.


There are many countries, such as Iran, Russia, Saudi, China, and more than enforce particular levels of censorship on their citizens. In such countries, the government intends to limit access to sites that may otherwise encourage practices that they forbid within the own jurisdiction. This can include, gambling, gaming, religious content, streaming, social media site and more.

This leaves millions of people globally without access to some of the sites that others take for granted. Facebook, Netflix, WhatsApp, and many popular media sites are all amongst those which specific governments block in an attempt to prevent their people being influenced in a such their dictatorships may be negatively viewed or impacted.

Which websites can a VPN unblock?

When you use VPN, you open up the infinite potential to view almost any website of your choosing. As you can imagine, it would be impossible to name or list each and every website. However, with the reputable VPN providers such as NordVPN and ExpressVPN, you can rest assured that each site you wish to visit or are currently unable to visit at present, you will not find the same issues once you use a VPN.

If you are trying to unblock a specific site, you will find that a VPN will add a lot more value to your online experiences and provide far greater benefits than you may have first thought possible.

Location-Restricted Sites

If your website is being blocked by location-based rules, you can easily navigate this issue with a VPN. Services provided by companies such as Netflix, YouTube, HBO, ITV Player, and Pandora are just a few examples of major website that use geo-blocking as part of their everyday operations.

If you route your request to access their site via a VPN, this can fool their website into thinking that you are actually located in another country, giving you easier access to their sites and services.

Website Blocked Due to Censorship

If censorship is a problem in a country you either live, work, travel or vacation in; then using a VPN can present an ideal solution for bypassing such restrictions. Whether it is media, gaming, social, messaging, or gambling, you will be easily able to unblock websites that are restricted due to censorship.

So, whatever sites you need to view, wherever you are, for whatever reason, simply get a VPN to help you unblock any website.

Written by: Elizabeth March

Advanced ITSEC Specialist Based in Cambridge, England, Elizabeth has held notable positions for a range of high-profile vendors and clients in the European IT Security and Communications Sector. As a former IT Trainer, Technical Specialist, and Product Manager; she transitioned into the role of an expert IT Copywriter in 2015. Since then, her works have been published globally, and she continues to help people easily decipher complex technical challenges and make informed decisions about their digital lives.

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