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What to Do if You Got Banned for “Proxy/VPN Exit Node” on 4Chan?

Updated: 25 October 2021
Updated: 25 October 2021

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In this article you will learn about:

  • How 4Chan can ban users even if no account registration is needed
  • Bypass a 4Chan ban with a VPN
  • Why sometimes VPNs don’t work with 4Chan – and how to solve this
  • Using a free proxy to unblock 4Chan
  • Using a dynamic IP address to bypass a 4Chan IP ban

Quick fix: Get ExpressVPN and try connecting to several servers until you find one that works. Not all servers will work! – Don’t give up on your first try. Eventually you will find one that works.

4Chan is a popular anonymous imageboard website and a forum where users can find memes about anything and post, view, and discuss an extensive range of topics. While having more than 22 million unique users per month, 4Chan doesn’t request users to register on the website and allows them to post anonymously.

This sounds like 4Chan offers a lot of privacy and is open to unrestricted free speech.

Well, not really.

4Chan bans users very frequently

In reality, 4Chan’s banning policy is quite rigid, and it has become a typical scenario to get banned and kicked off the site while using it.

The website stores the IP addresses of visitors and uses them to permanently ban anyone who posts offensive or controversial content.

These bans are not always fair, and there are chances that you might get suspended for a false reason. It may be that you are using a dynamic IP address which someone else used to commit a bannable offense.

Or may be living in a country where ISPs are blocking access to 4Chan such as Australia and Newzealand.

Read below to find out how to unblock 4Chan.

What to Do if You Got Banned for “Proxy/VPN Exit Node” on 4Chan?

How does the Proxy/VPN Exit Node issue occur?

This happens when your computer is using a dynamic IP. If the IP address you use to connect 4chan is identified as an IP that was used on the site previously and got banned, you will have to face the same luck.

The website will simply recognize your IP address as a blacklisted IP as it belonged to someone else who violated 4chan’s rules in the past. So, when the system identifies your IP and verifies that it was related to a previous ban, it will automatically ban you without any further inquiry.

It sounds very unfair as you didn’t break any rules and actually have no idea what caused the ban.

This situation is called “Proxy/VPN Exit Node,” where you get banned by just having to use an IP that was associated with a previous ban.

What are the options you have to unblock 4Chan

Since there is no registration or user account creation, 4Chan bans are always tied with the IP address. Hence, the only way to get back when being banned is by changing the IP.

In this article, you will find out some effective methods to bypass a 4Chan ban by changing the IP address.

Can VPNs really help? – Aren’t they banned by 4Chan?

Using VPNs is a great option to regain access to 4Chan as they keep your identity anonymous while browsing 4Chan. A VPN routes all your internet traffic through an encrypted tunnel and assigns a new, temporary IP address for you. This hides your online activity from outside observers while offering you a fresh start on 4Chan.

However, not all VPNs will be successful in this. Some VPNs may not work if 4Chan has blocked the IP address of the VPN server and there are also some countries where 4Chan is restricted.

Therefore, you will have to try several times with different VPNs and servers before it works. Clearing browser cookies may also be needed after each attempt. Additionally, you have to consider the following facts when choosing a VPN to overcome these issues.

The above is why many people email us and comment that our guide is useless. Yes, 4Chan has banned many VPN IP addresses but it’s not possible to ban all – as new IPs get added by popular VPN apps all the time.

You’re just going to have to try multiple servers until you find one that works. This is extremely important.

Important facts when choosing the right VPN

The VPN should not be based on 5/9/14-Eyes Alliance countries.

You might have heard of 5/9/14-Eyes Alliance countries as areas under a legal obligation to monitor and track your online activities.

So, if your VPN provider is based in such a country, no matter how strong their security protocols are, authorities in those countries can still gain access to the VPN servers at any time and trace what you’ve posted on 4chan.

Therefore, you need to choose a VPN provider that is not bound to monitor your online activities due to government regulations.

Provide advanced security features like AES-256-bit military-grade-encryption.

These strong security features will help bypass blocks and keep your online traffic private.

Enable to overcome geo-blocks so that you can access 4Chan from anywhere in the world.

Having this feature will enable you to access 4Chan from countries where it is banned. Most good VPNs can unblock any geo-restricted websites.

Include zero-logs policy to ensure that they don’t store any of your online activity.

This guarantees that the VPN doesn’t store any of your online activity.

Deliver fast speed and a reliable connection.

Another important thing to note is that free VPNs cannot be recommended for accessing 4Chan. They only have a few servers, and many users share the same server. If 4Chan tracked many users from the same IP address, it would identify that IP as a VPN and blacklist it.

On the opposite, most paid VPNs have many servers situated in different countries and regions, offering you a wide range of IP addresses to choose from. Those IP addresses are less likely to be detected and blacklisted.

Another plus point is, when using paid VPNs, if one server gets blocked, you can just change the server to unblock 4Chan again.

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Let’s see how to do it with a VPN

ExpressVPN is one of the best VPN providers that can help bypass your IP ban while maintaining your anonymity online. It consists of a massive network of servers and delivers blazing fast speeds with a single click interface.

Did the IP address you use got blocked by 4Chan? Don’t worry. You can easily regain access by following the simple steps below.

  • Download and install ExpressVPN.
  • Open ExpressVPN.
  • Connect to a server in a country where 4Chan is not banned. (Ex:USA, UK, Canada)
  • Access 4Chan.

However, even using paid VPNs may not become 100% successful sometimes. You will have to keep trying many servers and most often get the following error. The reason is server IPs of the most popular VPNs are known to 4chan.

Using Proxies to bypass 4Chan ban

Using a proxy is another quick and easy way you can use to bypass a 4Chan ban. Proxies work as a buffer between you and the internet when browsing the internet through a proxy server.

There, the proxy server sends and receives the data traffic instead of you using its location and IP address. Therefore, your identity (IP address and location) remains anonymous to the website or server you are accessing.

Data center proxies are the best type of proxy for accessing 4Chan since they are cheaper, faster, and reliable. Residential and mobile proxies also work fine with 4Chan.

It’s better to avoid using free proxies to access 4Chan as many of them are already identified and blacklisted by 4Chan.

On the other hand, using free proxies can unveil you to data theft as free proxy providers do not focus much on data protection.

One of the best data center proxies that work well with 4Chan is ProxyRack. This proxy service provider offers more than 2 million premium proxies located in over 140 countries across the world.

Using dynamic IP addresses

Things will become easier if you have a dynamic IP address. You just have to disconnect your router from the power for a few minutes and connect it back to get a new IP.

However, this method does not guarantee obtaining a new IP, and sometimes you may have to wait overnight to get a new IP address.

What if you are using a mobile to access 4Chan? Mobile devices use dynamic IP addresses, and they will change periodically or after their internet connection is switched off.

So, all you have to do is switch off and on the mobile, and you will be assigned a new IP and enabled accessing 4Chan again. Once you turn off the device, you should wait for at least 5 minutes before turning it on again.

Changing IP address manually

This way, you can change your IP address in seconds without using any VPN or Proxy. Simply open the command prompt with administrative privileges and type “ipconfig/release.” Press enter and then type “ipconfig/renew” to get a new IP.

Contact your ISP to get a new IP address

If you are using a static IP address, you can contact your ISP and request a new IP address. However, this task can be tough and time-consuming. You will have to repeat the same process if you get banned again.


4Chan is absolutely one of the largest imageboard websites and an anonymous forum you can find on the web. Most people visit it for entertainment purposes, and it acts as an ideal platform to meet people with similar interests.

So, getting banned from 4Chan is disappointing and even more, if it is not due to your fault. However, there are many ways around to solve this issue and continue access to 4Chan.

I really hope that the tips mentioned in this article will help you browse 4Chan content without any barriers.

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Written by: Shanika W.

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2 thoughts on “What to Do if You Got Banned for “Proxy/VPN Exit Node” on 4Chan?”

  1. Pedro Preto says:

    NordVPN gets detected by 4chan which results in the immediate ban of any IP you can get from NordVPN. NordVPN does not work on 4chan, thx for nothing.

    1. Miklos Zoltan says:

      Often times you will need to just try connecting to multiple servers. This is normal and expected. Others are also using these VPN services and 4chan will sometimes ban such IPs. A good VPN will regularly add new IPs.

      You just need to try until one works. Yes, I know this is inconvenient, but there’s not much else to do. There is no one VPN that will work every time with 4chan. It’s a cat and mouse game.

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