Streaming alternatives for when the major sites are down

Updated on: 16 September 2019
Updated on:16 September 2019

In this guide, I will present you a number of alternatives to the major streaming sites out there.

You can use any of these sites in case one of the major sites is not working.

Whether you need alternatives for Pulocker or FMovies, we have you covered.

Best Alternatives to Coke and Popcorn

Coke and Popcorn was once one of the most popular streaming websites on the internet. If you wanted to find a good movie to watch and relax, you didn’t have to go anywhere else.

It had high-quality content, large media archives, and it uploaded the latest movies straight from the cinemas.

However, it’s been closed due to copyright infringement, just like all the other piracy websites out there. Since you need a replacement, I did the ground-work for you and gathered the best alternatives to Coke and Popcorn.

1. Putlocker


Visit website –

Putlocker was always among the most popular streaming platforms available, and it still has a reputable name in this industry. It provides high-quality content, a large choice of movies and TV series, all of it for free.

Recently, it underwent a few changes, its domain changed a few times because of copyright banning, but it still resurfaced better than ever.

It’s the best alternative to Coke and Popcorn that you can find.

2. Popcornflix
Visit website –

As you can see, this one is basically a lookalike to Coke and Popcorn, and also one of the best alternatives there is. Beside the name resemblance, Popcornflix has large databases filled with old and new movies alike.

You don’t have to pay or register for an account to get your fair share of movies. It is and always will be free to use. It even has plenty of TV series that are updated constantly with new episodes as they appear.

As for safety and privacy, you don’t have to worry. Popcornflix is much safer than the rest of the streaming websites on the internet. You won’t find yourself filled with malware after one or two movies here.

3. Tubi TV
Visit website –

If you’re searching for sites like Coke and Popcorn, especially if you want to stream TV series, Tubi TV is perfect for you. There are so many movies, videos, and TV series here that you’d think all the other streaming platforms are pooling in their resources here.

And the databases are kept up-to-date with professionalism. Not a day passes where a movie doesn’t get uploaded. You can search by genre, year of release, even the actors that starred in the movie.

It doesn’t work in Europe anymore, though, because of the new EU regulations. You might want to know that.

4. Chillax
Visit website –

Like the name says, Chillax is one of the better alternatives to Coke and Popcorn, a true streaming website that encourages you to just chill and watch a movie. Speaking of movies, you have plenty to choose from.

Action, adventure, horror, drama, romantic, TV series, IMDB best-rated ones, and so on. Once you access the website, you have to subscribe for a 3-day free trial. At the end of the trial period, you can use another email address to go for another free trial.

What’s even more important is that there are no ads, ever. Everything is in HD, and you can even download any movie.

5. Showbox
Showbox is not like other streaming websites in the sense that it doesn’t have a website per se. It’s an app which you can download from Play Store for your Android or iPhone.

After you download it, you’ll have access to thousands of HD movies, TV series, and other media content. Most importantly, it’s all for free and there are few ads to speak of.

Just download the app and enjoy.

6. Bigstar Movies
Visit website –

Bigstar Movies does a very good job at providing high-quality movies for free, and you can eve eliminate all the adds by creating an account. Which is completely free.

There are plenty of movies here, TV series, all under specific genres. The platform is incredibly easy to use and intuitive, a pleasant experience through and through.

Plus, you can also find popular videos that you might not find anywhere else. Bigstar Movies is one of the special streaming sites out there. It’s a perfect alternative to Coke and Popcorn.

7. Movie Zion
Visit website –

Movie Zion takes online streaming to a level of its own. With high-quality content, intuitive searching algorithms, and a very good-looking platform, this one seems to take the prize.

You have many movies to pick from, even TV series. And new media flicks are uploaded daily. Their databases are always up-to-date, and you know where to go if you want to see a movie.

It’s free, it’s professional, and the movies are all high-quality. What more do you want? Do you want to request a specific movie? You can do that as well. Because Movie Zion is just that good, an ideal alternative to Coke and Popcorn.

8. TV Series
Visit website –

TV series is a popular streaming platform for movie enthusiasts. If it’s TV series you’re looking for, go no further. TV Series gives you exactly that, if the name wasn’t clear enough.

However, don’t think there are no movies here. Hell, there are plenty to speak of. Look for the best-rated lists and you’ll come across some of the most underrated movies on the internet.

However, you have to create an account if you want to watch a movie or a TV series. Nothing you can do about that. There is no tax for doing this, though. And it doesn’t seem like you have to pay for anything.

For a Coke and Popcorn alternative, TV Series is perfect.

9. FMovies
Visit website –

One of the most popular movie-watching platforms on the web, Fmovies has garnered over one million viewers that visit it monthly. There is a very good reason for this as well.

This website has one of the largest media archives in this industry. Movies, TV series, latest cinema flicks, all of it for free. There are a few ads, but nothing that ruins the fun.

There’s a section for the top-rated IMDB movies that you can check out. Just so you can find only the best movies, FMovies lets you search based on genre, country of release, year of release, etc.

10. Solar Movies
Visit website –

Last but not least, we have Solar Movies. Make no mistake, this doesn’t mean it’s worse off than the other websites on this list. On the contrary, many people believe Solar Movies is among the best.

In any case, it surely deserves a spot on this list. A true alternative to Coke and Popcorn, it has many movies and TV series that you can stream at a moment’s notice. Just search for something you like, press play, and enjoy.

It’s also very easy to find good movies with the many searching algorithms you have at your disposal.

Best Alternatives to FMovies in 2019

Young or old, all of us love watching movies. In HD or 4K, preferably. In this sense, Fmovies was one of the most popular platforms where you could do that.

It served plenty of Hollywood films in high-quality, and many servers where you could watch them. It had reviews, user comments, movie descriptions and other important details.

For streaming purposes, Fmovies was the go-to destination for any movie enthusiast.

With the emergence of the new internet regulations, however, piracy websites like Fmovies are being blocked by ISPs all around the world. More and more people are experiencing this issue.

The only solution to this is to give up trying. Find other streaming websites that have yet to be targeted by ISPs. It’s the simplest method of dealing with this.

Let’s talk about the best alternatives to Fmovies, the streaming websites that are just as good at delivering quality content to their users.

1. House Movie
Go to website –

House Movie hasn’t been around for that long. In fact, it emerged this year, out of the woodworks. However, there’s quite a potential here that I have to underline.

The website looks very good, simplistic and intuitive. After taking a peek through its archives, I noticed that it had the latest movies available, albeit in a CAM version. All the hyped-up and most popular films were there, completely free.

The website also has many movie series available, with IMDB rankings and descriptions. You can also look for specific genres of movies, read articles, take a look at some user lists, and so on.

I was pleasantly surprised by what I saw, and I definitely recommend it.

2. DIVX Crawler
Go to website –

House Movie hasn’t been around for that long. In fact, it emerged this year, out of the woodworks. However, there’s quite a potential here that I have to underline.

The website looks very good, simplistic and intuitive. After taking a peek through its archives, I noticed that it had the latest movies available, albeit in a CAM version. All the hyped-up and most popular films were there, completely free.

The website also has many movie series available, with IMDB rankings and descriptions. You can also look for specific genres of movies, read articles, take a look at some user lists, and so on.

I was pleasantly surprised by what I saw, and I definitely recommend it.

3. DIVX Crawler
Go to website –

It’s impossible not to have heard about DIVX, the guys behind the subtitles that you often download for movies. Many of the movies you download are theirs as well.

As you can see, they also have a website with some of the most popular, old and new, movies that users have requested. From what I noticed, the website is updated almost daily with new additions.

However, you can only download them, not stream the movies online. If you want additional information about a movie, besides the small description they offer, you can click on a link which redirects you to the IMDB movie page.

All the movies are in HD 720p or 1080p quality. This means that no CAM versions are available. The latest movies would only appear when they have a good-enough quality.

4. 123 Movies
Go to website –

The 123 Movies performs a swift dance in front of you, bringing you to countless movies with grace and elegance. The platform looks very modern and catchy, with bright colors that invite you to take a peek into its archives.

Speaking of the archives, they are huge, with even the latest movies hitting the cinema being available here. Most movies are in HD, except the CAM versions which, truth be told, are simply abominable.

There are IMDB listings you can search, movies series and episodes, features movies, genres. You can also request any movie you want, and use the search engine to find a specific one.

5. Download Hub
Go to website –

Download Hub has pretty much everything you can dream of where movies are concerned. Action, sci-fi, thriller, horror, even comedies and romance flicks. There are plenty to choose from.

Movie series and the latest episodes are available as well. Everything is in HD, so you’ll have quite a good time watching your favorite series.

There are Hollywood and Bollywood movies to look for, and there are even 300 MB movies that you can download on your phone to watch later. In any case, the search engine helps you find any particular movie, even some old ones that have gathered dust on them.

6. See HD
Go to website –

Just like the name says, all the movies here are high-quality, and you get access to all of them completely for free. Talk about a good streaming website.

You can search based on genres, years of release, or otherwise skim through the long lists of movies on the homepage. There’s a section with porn movies as well, as I’m sure you’d want to know.

You can either download or stream any movie online, as there are many servers and media players available.

7. HD Popcorns
Go to website –

Grab your popcorn and slouch on the couch because HD Popcorns takes care of the rest. You get to see all the most popular movies in, you guessed it, HD. Of course, you’ll see them after the downloading finishes.

The website doesn’t have any online streaming capabilities. What you do have is a couple of torrenting links that’ll send you the movie right away.

There are even 2019 movies there, as the website is constantly kept up to date with the newest releases. There’s a description that you can read to find out more about the movie, IMDB ratings, the cast, and much more.

Just look for yourself.

8. Movie DDL
Go to website –

MovieDDL is yet another online movie archive that you can access instead of Fmovies. It has plenty of flicks, both old and new, that you’ll surely like. And the website uploads the latest releases constantly.

You can start looking for some good movies by genre, year of release, new movies, or just take a look through the most downloaded movies. You’ll also find some 18+ films there, but mainly, the classical genres are the focus.

9. Movie Watcher
Go to website –

Movie Watcher requires you to create a free account in order to watch or download movies. I don’t know why that is a thing in the first place since it really makes no difference if the service is still free.

It does seem rather suspicious from what I can see, but I noticed this website on multiple ranking lists, and people have a generally good opinion about it.

It certainly looks the part, with the newest releases coming straight out of the cinema, multiple genres to go through, and a search box to look for any specific movies.

Not only this, but there are also movies series uploaded constantly on the website, with new episodes coming as soon as they’re released by the producers.

10. HD Euro Pix
Go to website –

With a very professional outlook in general, HD Euro Pix seems like a good website to stream movies. And it is, after a closer look. The newest releases are right there, on the welcoming page.

Just to show you what they can do. First impressions always matter.

While there are plenty of ads popping in and out of existence on every click you make, the movie eventually starts playing, and the player moves very fluidly. There are no interruptions or mid-movie buffering sequences.

The website is as simplistic as it is informative and straightforward. You have IMDB ratings and a succinct description telling you more about the movie. Nothing too complicated.

11. Two Movies
Go to website –

Contrary to popular belief, Two Movies isn’t only reduced to just two movies.

The archives are actually extremely large, far larger than those of other streaming websites. You can start looking for movies based on release year, genre, rating, IMDB, views, and title.

Simply put, there are a lot of customizing tools. Of course, there’s a search bar as well, where you can look for any specific movies. TV series and movie series are also constantly updated and kept fresh.

There’s a live chat where users can fuck around all day long, on movie breaks most probably. Or they’re just no-lifers who have nothing better to do.

Anyway, Two Movies is a great substitute for Fmovies. You should give it a shot.

10 Best Solar Movies Alternatives in 2019

Ready? Here we go…

1. Putlocker

Visit website –

Putlocker is the media paradise for whoever wants to watch the latest movies in top quality. Come on, there’s no way you haven’t heard about this one. It’s been around for years now, and it’s been rising up in the ranks constantly.

The copyright maniacs tried to ban it altogether, but it comes back to life each and every time.

With a humongous movie archive that’s yours to have fun with, organized in genres, years of release, and neatly structured under a searching engine, Putlocker has to be the most intuitive media website out there.

All you have to do is select a movie, read the description or check out its rating, if you care about all that hogwash, and then hit “play”. As soon as you hit the magic button, the movie is going to start. It’s as simple as that. The streaming speed largely depends on your own internet speed, since Putlocker is more performant than you can imagine.

2. M4UFree
Visit website –

When it comes to streaming top-quality movies for free M4UFree is one of the best websites out there. The name says it all, after all. It has an extremely large archive of movies, old and new, in all genres, for men, women, children, and all the other fluid genders out there.

Out of all the other Solar Movies alternatives, M4UFree has to be amongst the easiest to use, and the most expansive. You don’t need to create an account or register in order to start watching movies.

All you need to do is search for a movie, and this part is the very definition of easy – search by genres, years of release, quality, and other premium features. After this step, just click on the film to watch it.

The streaming process will start right away, and all you have to do is grab your popcorn, find a comfortable position on the sofa, crack open a cold one, and enjoy.

And if this wasn’t enough, you should know that M4UFree also has the latest episodes of many TV series that are currently in production.

3. 123Movies

Visit website –

123Movies is one of the most popular movie-watching websites on the internet, and one of the best alternatives to Solar Movies as well.

It has a very intuitive and flexible platform that seems to mold to your wishes. You can look up any movie by genre, release date, quality, read descriptions and user reviews, and so much more.

If you though 123Movies was nothing else than just another streaming movie, then you’re wrong. There’s something unique to this website – the country genre.

That’s right, you can search for movies based on the country of origins. If a movie was produced in the US, then it’s going to appear under the US when searching by country genres.

There are TV series as well, and the latest and most popular movies are neatly stacked-up under the “Featured” section.

You don’t want to miss 123Movies. It’s going to make all your dreams come true. In terms of watching movies, of course.

4. Movie4K

Visit website –

If you want sites like Solar Movies, Movie4K seems like an ideal choice. It doesn’t host anything on its servers, nor does it upload anything at all.

It’s simply a platform that links you to movies hosted on other sites. So the chances Movie4K will be closed down for copyright infringement are nearly zero, unless middle-men will also start to be penalized.

It’s fast, it’s trustworthy, and it has a plethora of movies waiting for you to check out. You can search based on quality, years of release, genres, but one thing is common to all movies – they all are broadcasted on external sites.

Whether you’re looking for action, sci-fi, horror or historic movies, Movie4K is the place where you’ll find them.

5. Movie Watcher
Visit website –

Movie Watcher is yet another excellent alternative to Solar Movies. Without a need to create an account or register, and with a trustworthy policy that ensures you’ll never have to pay for anything, Movie Watcher is a top pick in this case.

It has plenty of movies organized in different genres and sub-genres, years of release, featured sections, and most popular picks. If you want to take a look at some of the latest additions fresh from the cinema, this website has to be on your list.

It looks damn good as well.

6. Rainierland
Visit website –

Rainierland is one of the dark horses for our listing. It’s not that popular but it sure as hell has one of the best platforms I have seen in quite some time. It’s incredibly easy to find a movie, regardless of its genre or name.

One of the most enjoyable features is the recommendations list where you can go to find some of the most popular and appreciated movies. Just in case you don’t have any idea what movie to watch, this will help you big time.

Just hit that play button, and start your adventure down streaming lane. Now.

7. Vumoo

Visit website –

Vumoo is performant, and Vumoo is very qualitative. Vumoo is life when it comes to streaming movies.

Clear one of the most excellent Solar Movies alternatives, Vumoo is a website to fall in love with. It has TV series, IMDB best-rated movies, latest additions organized in genres, and multiple streaming links.

You can choose the quality of the movie at any time. Be it HD or full HD, you can change it at any time.

8. Yify

Visit website –

Yify is the go-to platform when you have movies to download or stream. Read descriptions and user reviews on each movie, a short summary to get you into the action, and hit play.

And if the main website doesn’t work, just look for its proxies. There are so many that you’ll soon forget which was the original.

The search bar will get you up and running with all the movies you could ever want. If that’s not enough, you have genres, years of release, features categories, and more.

9. Yes Movies
Visit website –


That’s a typical reaction of someone who comes across this website, seeing the media splendor that’s hiding here. It’s breath-taking, it’s the Solar Movies alternative we’ve all wanted.

The platform looks very professional and modern, resembling a premium website that only serves the elite of the elite. Make no mistake though. Yes Movies has very high-quality movies, but you don’t have to pay anything for them.

You can register and create an account, just to save your top picks and make your viewing experience more efficient. But you won’t be charged a cent for doing so.

10. Primewire
Primewire is the last of the alternatives to Solar Movies, and a great choice for those of you who want to watch high-quality movies for free. This website has it all – action, sci-fi, drama, horror, historical movies, and so on.

TV shows? You got it. Primewire has some of the most popular flicks ever since the appearance of electricity. Seriously, it has some pretty old stuff in those archives.

There are multiple mirror links to any movie, so in case you find a broken one, you can use the other ones. Guaranteed quality.

There’s a whole section with movie recommendations if you have no idea what to watch next.

Alternatives to is one of the most popular movie streaming websites on the internet. If you wanted to have a day-off in front of the computer and watch a movie with some of your old friends who have moved out of town, was a perfect choice.

You could listen to music as well, but movies were the focus of the website. However, what if you suddenly can’t access it? What if it doesn’t work anymore and you’re left with no alternative?

Your only other choice is to look for something similar. Coincidentally, I’m here to help you with that.

Here are the top 10 alternatives to

1. Rave
Visit website –

If you’re out of luck with, you should know that Rave is one of the best alternatives you can find. It deals mainly with music, but watching a movie with your friends and a couple of other strangers is entirely possible as well.

It has plenty of new features that the old didn’t have, the likes of which will make your experience a lot more pleasing. The interface is very modern-looking and easy to use; you’ll immediately come to love it.

There are virtual rooms where you can invite a couple of people to share stuff with. Memes, music, and long discussions about anything you want.

You can also create your own customized chatroom which you can then manage at your own leisure. Invite or kick people out, upload videos, and so on.

2. MyCircle.TV
Visit website –

MyCircle.TV mashes together plenty of extensive features and a variety of diverse videos into one single place. The result – one of the most useful alternatives to

You don’t need to register for an account since you can join a chatroom from the very beginning. Just find one that you like, join it, and then have fun. There are plenty of virtual rooms and chat rooms where you can share videos, talk to people, and socialize.

It’s free, it’s very easy to use and manage, and most importantly, it lets you connect to people from all walks of life. Social events like watching movies connect people like never before these days.

MyCircle.TV is great at this, bringing people together.

3. Watch Together
Visit website –

Just like the name says, this website is the meeting point of people from all around the world. They’re coming to listen to some good music, watch a great movie, and have some fun together.

Whoever you ask will tell you that Watch Together is the best alternative to, or at least one of the best. This is because you can watch videos from YouTube and Vimeo, you can share Facebook profiles, and create your own playlists.

There are many features that other similar websites just don’t provide, and Watch Together does. Try it for yourself and see whether you can unglue yourself from your seat afterwards.

4. Blatube
Visit website –

This is a Russian alternative to, but you can change the language to English if Russian isn’t your cup of tea. There’s no hidden tax anywhere, so you don’t need to pay for anything. You will be required to create an account though.

The content that gets uploaded is from YouTube and other media-sharing websites, but you can also create your own chatroom or join others where people share their own videos.

Computer synchronization allows for multiple people to watch something on a single computer in the network. All in all, this is a perfect substitute for, no matter how you look at it.

5. Synaptop
Visit website –

Synaptop gives you a vast archive of movies and music clips to watch together with your friends from far away. There are many chatrooms where you can talk to people, watch videos together, and socialize.

It’s very entertaining, and the app can easily be accessed from mobile phones as well. It’s free, and it’s compatible with pretty much anything, from computer and phones to toasters and vibrators.
So, if you’re having a problem with using, Synaptop is the perfect solution for those times when you really need to watch a movie with your friends.

6. AndChill
Visit website –

When looking for sites like, one of the few you’ll find all the time is AndChill. The name says it all, I believe. Just pick a movie, join a chatroom, and chill. It’ll start in a few moments, during which you can get to know your co-viewers.

Every single feature is just one click away. Do you want to share a video or a music clip? One click.

Do you want to create a chatroom and invite people? One click.

Share a link? You guessed it, one click.

The interface is welcoming enough to convince you to stay there indefinitely, and it’s very easy to use.

7. Gaze
Visit website –

Let me start this by saying that the website interface looks really beautiful and interesting. The art style invites you to spend a few days there, and it has a demo option which will show you how the website works.

Alternatively, you can “Start gazing” whenever you’re ready to have some fun and watch a few movies with people.

You can chat and send messages to whoever’s in the chatroom, and you can also share many of the videos with any friend who’s not using Gaze. The website works with plenty of media formats, so you won’t have any compatibility problems.

It’s a perfect alternative.

8. Together Tube
Visit website –

Ever since 2012, Together Tube has been on the internet, bringing people together on many chatrooms to watch movies together. The popular rooms are there for you to access, and you might have a favorite one in no-time.

Otherwise, you can also search for any video and the website will send you to the respective chatroom that’s scheduled to watch that video. There’s also a chat system in place so you can better socialize with people.

In general, the interface looks fantastic, and it’s very intuitive. You don’t have to learn the ropes since there are pretty much no ropes to learn in the first place.

9. Sync-Video
Visit website –

Sync-Video looks a lot like many of the streaming website you’re going to find on the internet, but make no mistake, this is really special service right here. For no reason at all other than the ease of use and efficiency.

It’s too easy to create a chatroom or a virtual room, but you don’t even need one. You can watch videos individually without sharing them with other people. Videos from YouTube, no less.

Just give it a try. It’s a really good alternative to

10. TwoSeven
Visit website –

Laugh together with plenty of other people in the many chatrooms that TwoSeven has available. People can create their own chatrooms and invite family members, close friends, and watch a movie together.

It’s incredibly easy to use, it’s efficient, and it gets the job done without a hassle. Most importantly, it’s free. And it has movies from Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime, Vimeo, and Crunchyroll.

Give it a shot and see how you like it.

Is Terrarium TV Legal and Safe to Use?

Apps that enable you to stream content are nothing new. In fact, they are becoming increasingly more commonplace, and while traditional, expensive TV contracts are slowly fading away, the uprising of online media apps is upon us.

Terrarium TV is a good example of a popular streaming app serves as a superb alternative to other such services that include Playbox HD, Mobdro, and Showbox to name just a few.

Terrarium TV is an Android-based app that enables you to access a huge library of movies and TV shows completely free of charge. But with such a generous and liberal product, this leaves many people wondering if Terrarium is actually legal, and more importantly, if it is safe to use?

Similar to how Kodi add-ons work, the above-mentioned apps give you direct access to content for free. In this post, we look at how the different elements of the Terrarium app work.

Terrarium TV is a superb app that enables you to transform various streaming tools such as the Firestick, Chromecast, and more, and it helps users to watch content on Android devices and Windows devices as well. It delivers HD-quality content for free and offers localized subtitle support, meaning users do not need to go to the trouble of sourcing and fetching content locally.

Is Terrarium TV Safe and Legal?

Terrarium TV using a huge range of streaming links that have been sourced from different websites. You select these sites before playing the actual piece of content on Terrarium TV. They do not actually host the content or the file that is subsequently streamed on your device. While there remains to be a large number of sites that provide streaming links in this fashion, this means the actual files are themselves located on often unknown servers in locations that users are unaware of.

So-called cord-cutters all over the globe are ending their contracts and getting rid of their cable box in exchange for online streaming. However, it is important to note that media streaming can come with its own issues. Not least to protect your personal information online, but also preventing your Internet Service Provider from knowing the true actions you are taking that might be considered (depending on your location) to infringe copyright laws or legislation. This is one of the main reasons that people who stream content across the globe will choose to do so by connecting to the net via a VPN service. (Also referred to as a Private Virtual Network).

When you use Terrarium TV to stream content, you will most likely increase your data usage significantly. A knock-on effect this can have, relates directly to your ISP and the services they provide. Although streaming HD is increasingly becoming the norm, it can impact on your Internet Service Providers ability to provide a good service to all customers. While logic would dictate that if the way people use the internet is changing, these companies need to better adapt their services to suit the market demands. However, they are more likely to throttle the speeds of the service that is delivered to you if you have a higher data usage than others. This is a far easier solution than upgrading their infrastructure.

For these reasons alone and many more, the use of a VPN with any content streaming service is essential. It is best to consider a VPN as an essential accompaniment to the internet if you want to stream content, rather than an added extra.

This way, your ISP will not be able to detect your actions or activities, and your personal information will remain completely secure.

Using Terrarium TV
While there are plenty of options available for those looking to stream content online, Terrarium presents an excellent option, and for many, the most appealing factor is that it is completely free of charge.

However much money you pay out on a regular basis for your cable TV, and however much you watch premium content, when you are given an option to get it all for free, why wouldn’t you take it?

Written by: Bogdan Patru

Author, creative writer, and tech-geek. Bogdan has followed his passion for the digital world ever since he got his hands of his first pc. After years of accumulating knowledge and experience, the good Samaritan in him whispered him one day about the virtue of sharing that knowledge with those who needed it. It was 2014 when that idea would grow into a life-defining passion. One that keeps driving him to this day.

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