How to Unblock and Watch YouTube TV in Australia

Updated: 22 November 2021
Updated: 22 November 2021

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Of course, things may change in the future, but at the moment, YouTube TV is officially unavailable anywhere outside of the United States, including Australia.

The good news is that you can bypass the geo-restrictions and access YouTube TV unofficially, using methods like VPN and proxies.

Access YouTube TV in Australia in just 5 minutes:

  • Get NordVPN
  • Install the app on your device
  • Connect to a USA server
  • Access YouTube TV

If you are in Australia, either permanently or temporarily, continue reading because, in this article, we will show you how to watch your favorite shows on YouTube TV easily.

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Unblock YouTube TV in Australia

How to Unblock YouTube tv in Australia with a VPN

The simplest, safest, and most efficient way to unblock geo-restrictions is by using a VPN.

A VPN hides your actual IP address and replaces it with the IP address of a VPN server that’s based in another country.

This way, the website you are trying to access sees your fake location as your actual location and grants you access to your favorite content. To unblock YouTube TV in Australia, follow the simple steps below:

  1. The first step you need to take is to choose a paid VPN provider.
  2. Buy a suitable plan, and then download a compatible client, depending on your device.
  3. Once that is done, install and launch the app.
  4. Log in to the app.
  5. Find and connect to a server located in the US.
  6. Launch your YouTube TV and start enjoying your favorite content.

There’s no better way to bypass geo-restrictions than a VPN.

Apart from helping you to bypass geo-restrictions and unblocking websites, you also get a bonus with a VPN – your online privacy is protected while you stream to your heart’s content.

Besides, if the video fails to load after connecting to a VPN, you can always ask for a refund and try with a more powerful VPN. The good thing about VPNs is that almost every VPN service offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

We know the outcome sounds almost magical, but it’s pretty easy to do.

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Best VPNs to Unblock YouTube TV

While the market is filled with so many VPN options, only the best ones can effectively bypass YouTube geo-restrictions. If you’re struggling to pick a suitable choice, consider the two services we will review in this section.


While NordVPN doesn’t have the largest server network in the world, it covers the most locations. Its 3,000+ severs are distributed across more than 160 locations in the world, making it the number one choice for people looking to spoof locations. Besides, it offers unlimited bandwidth. This allows you to enjoy streaming without experiencing throttling and buffering.

NordVPN offers 5 simultaneous connections. While this lets you share your account with your loved ones, we wish it offered more than 5.

In terms of security, however, the provider adopts the most secure encryption in the world – AES 256-bit encryption. With this you can be confident that your activities will always remain private. Other security features like IPv6 and a kill switch will ensure you browse securely.

The incredible customer support that NordVPN offers should also be mentioned. Apart from being available round the clock, the knowledgeable agents also respond quickly. NordVPN offers compatible clients for all the most popular platforms, including Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, Linux systems, Android TVs, consoles, and Wi-Fi routers.

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NordVPN is a perfect choice for YouTube TV Australia. It also works with YouTube Premium and YouTube Red. It can unblock other contenrt as well such as Netflix, Fire TV, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Sling TV, Foxtel, Facebook, NBC, HBO Max Australia, Comedy Central, Sky News Australia and more.

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It’s fast speed also allows for 4k streaming YouTube videos. It has apps for Fire TV, Apple TV, smart TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV and also works on PlayStation Vue.

If your device doesn’t support the normal VPN app, the provider also provides a smart DNS to address such situations.

NordVPN also works with the YouTube app.

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Surfshark is another provider we totally recommend. While it’s not as reputable as NordVPN, it’s a worthy inclusion that delivers a lot of value. It’s especially a great option for streaming, as it has proven time and time again to be a reliable solution for people looking to unblock geo-restrictions. On top of that, it allows you to connect to an unlimited number of devices – something you rarely see from VPN providers.

Surfshark also offers adequate protection for your online activities. First, it supports the military-grade AES 256-bit encryption. Then, it offers a kill switch and IPv6 leak protection as part of its security measures. Not to mention its strict no-logging policy that ensures that your sensitive data will never be stored.

In terms of server network, it offers about 3200 servers across more than 100 locations, 24 of which are in the United States. Considering that you have a range of VPN server options in the US, it’s difficult to overlook Surfshark if you’re looking to unblock YouTube TV in Australia.

Surfshark is a great choice for unblocking YouTube TV and other streaming sites like Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video channels, Google Play Music, Acorn TV, Sling TV and others.

Can You Unblock YouTube TV in Australia with a Free VPN?

While there are loads of free VPNs that promise to unblock geo-blocked popular services like Netflix and YouTube TV, not many of them actually work. And for those that work, you’ve got many things to be worried about.

Most free VPN providers can’t unblock popular services due to a number of reasons. First, all free VPN services are usually very limited when it comes to server network. This is understandable, as they don’t generate revenues, and therefore, are restricted on resources. Besides, they can’t replace their blocked or blacklisted services as swiftly as paid services.

If you luckily find a free VPN that successfully unblocks YouTube TV, then there are chances that you will experience a lot of buffering. And definitely issues regarding video quality, since the available servers are probably being shared among a large number of users.

Finally, if a VPN provider decides to operate for free, don’t you wonder how it gets money to maintain its infrastructure? Most times, you are the product they are selling. Running a service like this most likely requires a lot of money, which most free VPNs are able to generate by selling users data to third parties.

So, as you can see, a free VPN is not a good choice for YouTube TV Australia. It simply won’t work and won’t enable you to watch TV shows or unblock TV channels.

How to Unblock YouTube TV with a Proxy

If, for some factors, you are considering an alternative to a VPN, we’re glad to inform you that you can also unblock YouTube TV with a proxy. Like a VPN server, a proxy server acts as a middleman between you and the site you are looking to access. When you browse the internet via a proxy, you are granted a different IP address, thereby fooling the site about your true location.

However, while a proxy can be as successful as a VPN when it comes to geo-restrictions, they don’t offer the reliability and security you get with VPNs. A Virtual Private Network protects every traffic that travels through your browsing device, but a proxy works in the borders of a specific application or website only. If you’re looking to unblock YouTube TV, we don’t recommend using a proxy – use a VPN instead.

Why is YouTube TV not Available in Australia?

Thanks to distribution rights and copyright laws, YouTube TV is unavailable anywhere outside the shores of the United States for now. So, if you try to access YouTube TV in Australia, you will be promptly met with an error message that explains to you that it’s inaccessible.

From the looks of things, YouTube currently feels its not financially viable for them to obtain the required broadcasting rights to make YouTube TV available in other countries.


With YouTube TV offering an exciting variety of content, it’s easy to see why a lot of people are always trying to access it outside of the United States. While being denied access to YouTube TV outside of the US can be disappointing, the good news is that you can effortlessly bypass the restrictions, using one of the two methods we have recommended in this article.

Obviously, using one of the best VPNs is our favorite method. But if you’d rather use a different method, a proxy should work just fine. Just don’t expect it to offer the level of effectiveness and security that a VPN guarantees.


How much does YouTube TV Cost?

YouTube TV currently costs $64.99 per month. It comes with a 2-week trial period, which allows you to test-drive the service. If you don’t like what you get, you can ask for a refund within the 2-week window.

How can I pay for YouTube TV in Australia?

You can pay for a subscription in Australia with Google Gift Cards and PayPal. Note that you can’t use a debit or credit card because the company only accepts US-registered cards.

How many simultaneous connections does YouTube TV allow?

YouTube TV allows you to connect up to three devices at the same time.

Is there a difference between YouTube TV and YouTube?

YouTube is a video-watching service where users can watch, upload, share, and rate hundreds or thousands of videos. Meanwhile, YouTube TV is a subscription-based streaming service where users can watch up to 60 live channels.

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