How to Watch HBO and HBO Max in Australia

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In this guide we will show you how to watch and unblock HBO and HBO Max in Australia.

Unblock HBO Max in Australia in just 5 minutes:


  • Like most pay-TV services, HBO doesn’t have distribution rights to show its content directly in Australia.
  • You can get HBO content on Foxtel TV, Binge, and Stan in Australia. However, these platforms have limited HBO content libraries or HBO Max originals.
  • You can, however, unblock the full US HBO and HBO Max library in Australia by using a VPN

The USA HBO Max is not available in Australia. But you can get the HBO content via Foxtel’s Binge (limited content selection only).

In this guide, I’ll show you how to watch HBO and HBO Max in Australia using internet tools like VPNs and smart DNS to bypass geo-restrictions and access the full catalog of HBO movies and TV shows.

As of 2024, accessing the American version of HBO is crucial for enjoying its superior content library, which offers a richer and more extensive selection than the local offering.

Based on my recent testing, using a VPN to unblock the American HBO library is still effective in 2024.

I recommend ExpressVPN for streaming American HBO content in Australia. It allows you to enjoy 4K quality without any buffering issues. From my experience, other VPN services tend to be slower in comparison.

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How to Unblock HBO in Australia

How to Watch HBO and HBO Max Content in Australia

Use these methods to unblock HBO in Australia.

Using a VPN for HBO Max in Australia

A VPN masks your device’s IP address with that of its servers. It also routes your internet traffic via a secure and encrypted tunnel. Thus, making your internet actions less traceable.

When you access HBO and HBO Max via a VPN, the streaming service will see the VPN’s IP address. This is how a VPN bypasses geo-restrictions and unblock websites. The best VPNs to watch HBO content should have:

  • Several reliable VPN servers in the US.
  • Zero logs policy.
  • Smart DNS feature.
  • Ability to overcome HBO geo-restrictions.
  • Fast speeds optimized for streaming content in HD.
  • Simultaneous connections.
  • Kill switch.
  • Best-in-class privacy and security standards

Follow these steps to watch HBO content in Australia via a VPN:

  • Ensure you have a fast, reliable internet connection.
  • Download, subscribe, and install a reputable VPN (should meet the above requirements).
  • Launch the VPN and connect to the best available US server.
  • Open your HBO/ HBO Max account and enjoy unlimited live and on-demand content.

Advantages of using a VPN service to stream HBO content:

  • Direct access to HBO and HBO Max content as shown in the US.
  • Increased online security and privacy.
  • Eliminates extra subscriptions from third-parties.
  • Helps you bypass ISP internet throttling.

Disadvantages of using a VPN service to stream HBO shows:

  • Some VPNs are pricey.
  • Buffering issues.

Besides unblocking HBO Max Australia, a VPN can help you unblock Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Cartoon Network, Foxtel TV, Disney Plus, and more.

You can check out our guides on how to watch the BBC iPlayer in Australia for more info on the above. Additionally, you should also check out our guide on how to watch American Netflix in Australia.

The best option to get HBO Max Australia content is ExpressVPN. It works on various platforms such as Apple TV and smart TV.

In addition to our guide on how to watch American Netflix in Australia, you might also want to check out our list of the best Netflix VPN services for optimized streaming experiences.

Using a Smart DNS

A Smart DNS lets you unblock geo-restricted content by redirecting your DNS traffic and queries to servers worldwide. Thereby enabling you to access content unavailable in your local region.

Like VPNs, here’s what to look for when selecting the best Smart DNS service to unblock HBO content in Australia:

  • Has Smart DNS servers in the US.
  • Offers fast internet speeds.
  • Supports HBO content streaming.

Follow these steps to watch HBO content in Australia via a Smart DNS:

  • Confirm you have a reliable internet connection.
  • On your device (either PC, smartphone, box, stick, or router), navigate to the network settings and enter the custom DNS details of your Smart DNS provider.
  • Login to your HBO account and enjoy the endless shows.

Note: Most top VPN providers offer free Smart DNS features as an extra incentive. In such instances, you don’t need to set up the Smart DNS on your device manually unless your device doesn’t support VPN installations.

There are also other stand-alone Smart DNS services that you can use to unblock geo-restricted content on HBO and HBO Max.

Advantages of a Smart DNS

  • Unblocks geo-restricted HBO content.
  • Eliminates the extra third-party subscription fees.
  • Gives you direct access to HBO and HBO Max libraries, as shown in the US.
  • Easy setup.
  • Fast streaming speeds.

Disadvantages of a Smart DNS

  • A Smart DNS doesn’t hide your internet identity.
  • Some stand-alone Smart DNS services can be difficult to use.
  • Some Smart DNS providers don’t update their setting details on time.

How to Watch HBO and HBO Max on Foxtel

Foxtel is currently the leading Australian media outlet with exclusive rights to show HBO’s newly released content. You can watch Foxtel content through cable TV, Foxtel IQ (includes Foxtel Go app), or Foxtel Now. Foxtel also gives you on-demand HBO movies and shows.

Foxtel IQ

Foxtel IQ demands an installation of a set-top box at your home to access its streaming service. Foxtel IQ’s box acts as a receiver and virtual video recorder. Thanks to this, you can use it to download your favorite HBO content and watch it later when offline.

While Foxtel IQ sells multiple subscription packages, its Foxtel Plus bundle is the most recommended. This is because it offers HBO content in Australia. Noteworthy, you can find most HBO movies and shows on Foxtel’s Fox showcase channel.

Foxtel also gives its customers a free streaming service called Foxtel Go. The service allows you to watch from anywhere in Australia. Foxtel Go is also compatible with multiple devices and platforms, including:

Foxtel Now

Foxtel Now is the company’s latest digital solution for cord-cutting. It is a stand-alone streaming platform that gives you access to HBO content in HD. The platform lets you watch live HBO shows and on-demand content and access a vast library of HBO movies and series.

Foxtel Now is also compatible with a range of platforms and devices.

Advantages of Foxtel

  • Foxtel Go allows you to stream from anywhere in Australia.
  • Foxtel IQ set-top box lets you download movies and shows to watch offline.
  • Offers incredible picture quality.
  • Foxtel lets you bundle up multiple packs, including TV and Phone/Internet packages (Telstra users).

Disadvantages of Foxtel

  • You can only screen-record free-to-air content.
  • Costly subscription packages.
  • Zero privacy as the provider could be monitoring your online activity.

How to Watch HBO and HBO Max on Binge

Binge is the Australian equivalent of HBO Max. It is offered by the Foxtel Group and is the cheapest option to watch HBO content in Australia. Additionally, you can watch shows from other providers like BBC, Sony TV, Paramount, FX, NBCU, and more.

Binge is compatible with all major platforms. You can easily subscribe to Binge by visiting their official website and selecting your preferred subscription package.

Advantages of Binge

  • A cheaper option to stream HBO shows in Australia.
  • Has great HBO titles.
  • Pretty easy to set up.

Disadvantages of Binge

  • Limited HBO content library compared to Foxtel IQ, Foxtel Now, and the US HBO and HBO Max.
  • Unreliable customer support.

How to Watch HBO and HBO Max in Australia on Stan

Stan is another Australian-based streaming service that gives you access to HBO and HBO Max content on the go. It is a direct competitor of Foxtel.

Stan shows multiple Australian and international content from Showtime, BBC, CBS, MGM, Lionsgate, and HBO. Sadly, however, the streaming service has a limited HBO library compared to its competitors.

Stan offers similar subscription plans as Binge, both in pricing and features. Stan is also compatible with all major platforms and devices. Quickly subscribe to Stan by visiting their official website, click Start Your Trial to select your preferred subscription package.

Advantages of Stan

  • Pretty easy to set up.
  • Cheap subscription plans.
  • 30-day free trial period
  • Zero contracts.

Disadvantages of Stan

  • Limited HBO titles and library.

Wrap Up

Home Box Office (HBO) and HBO Max offer a wide range of movies and TV shows. Unfortunately, HBO is geo-restricted in the US only. If you’re in Australia, you’ll need a few tricks to access its content.

This guide has covered some ways we think you can use to watch HBO shows hassle-free. Please note that the VPN method is the most efficient; that way, you can unblock the American HBO catalog and library, which is the one with the most titles.

For more related information on unblocking streaming sites in Australia, you should check out our guide on how to watch YouTube TV in Australia.

If you are a Hotsrat fan, then our Hotstar Australia guide will help you unblock this service. Our Hulu Australia guide could also come of use to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some people found answers to these questions helpful

Do I need an internet connection to watch HBO shows?

Mostly, yes. However, it depends on the option you choose to access the content. If you opt for Foxtel’s traditional cable TV, you don’t need an internet connection. Otherwise, any other option demands a fast and reliable internet connection.

Is HBO available in Australia?

No. Unfortunately, you can’t directly access HBO content in Australia. Instead, you have to rely on third-party streaming services like Foxtel, Binge, and Stan to access it. Furthermore, you can use internet tools like VPNs and Smart DNS services to unblock HBO.

Is HBO content on Netflix Australia?

No. Netflix hosts a variety of shows, including its original content. The content is only licensed to HBO and HBO Max distributors. You can’t watch HBO exclusive shows on Netflix Australia.

Can I watch HBO shows for free?

If you have an active subscription with Amazon Prime, then yes. Install HBO Max on your Amazon Fire TV and use your Amazon Prime account details to access the shows at no extra cost. You can also rely on other providers that bundle the HBO service.

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