How to Watch Disney Plus Hotstar in the USA in 2021

Updated: 21 November 2021
Updated: 21 November 2021

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Hotstar is a streaming service synonymous with the best Indian entertainment, including cricket, and is widely available in India as Disney+ Hotstar.

If you live abroad and wish to catch up with Indian content, you can get a limited selection via the international version of Hotstar. This version is available in the US, UK, and Canada.


“Hotstar USA will be discontinued on November 30, 2021, and its content moved to the bulky Disney Bundle. All Indian content will be distributed among the Disney Bundle – Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+. Most Indian movies, TV Shows, and other titles will be moved to Hulu while Live cricket and other sporting activities will be available on the sports-oriented ESPN+.”

Nonetheless, Hotstar subscribers can still access and watch the Indian Hotstar in USA if you bypass the geo-restrictions.

In this guide, you will learn the best way to stream all Indian Hotstar content & Hotstar specials while you are in the USA or anywhere else outside India.

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How to Watch Hotstar in USA

Bypassing Hotstar Geo-restrictions

To bypass Disney Hotstar geo-restrictions, you need to spoof your geo-location to seem like you are accessing Indian Hotstar version.

To do this, you will need to >use a VPN or other alternatives that spoof your geo-location.

A VPN is the best and most preferred option since it also protects your online security and privacy over the internet. A VPN spoofs your geo-location by tunneling your online traffic through a VPN server.

The VPN server masks your actual IP address, and internet services will only see the VPN servers’ IP address, including the servers’ geo-location.

With a VPN, you also get to enjoy other benefits such as superior unblocking abilities, torrenting online content safely, gaming securely, and also circumventing censorship without a hassle.

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Quick Steps on How to Use a VPN to Watch Disney Plus Hotstar in the USA:

  1. Subscribe, download, and install a reputable VPN service (like NordVPN).
  2. Launch the VPN, sign in and connect to an Indian server.
  3. Go to Hotstar, sign in/log in, and enjoy the endless Indian entertainment.

How to Pick the Best VPN for Disney Plus Hotstar in the USA

Not all VPNs will work with Hotstar effectively. To select a VPN provider that will give you the best value for your money, consider one with the following aspects:

  • Servers in India: To increase your chances of accessing and streaming Hotstar in USA, you need a VPN provider with several servers in India. Most VPN providers offer servers in major city locations.
  • Unlimited bandwidth: This is important as it ensures you can stream content in HD or even in the crispier 4K quality. You also won’t face any capping limitations.
  • Blazing speed: With unlimited bandwidth, fast speeds offer the best streaming experience – no buffering or lagging issues, especially on faraway servers or when streaming high-quality content.
  • Simultaneous connections: With concurrent connections, you can use the VPN provider to stream content from Hotstar on more than one device. Additionally, you can use the VPN for other purposes on your other devices.
  • Excellent security and privacy: You should consider a no-log VPN provider with AES 256-bit encryption, secure protocols, and other privacy and security-enhancing features.
  • Money-back guarantee/free trial: Before committing to a VPN provider, you should have the option to test if it works efficiently with Hotstar. If available, you can use the free trial or the money-back guarantee.

Top VPNs to Unblock Hotstar in the USA

Even with the above criterion, picking the right VPN can be exhausting since the market is flooded with many non-reputable VPNs. To make things easy for you, we have cherry-picked the top proven VPNs that work with Hotstar in USA or anywhere else outside India.


Price from:

$ 3.67 / mo

Available on:


  • Exceptional security and privacy

  • Stable, fast connections

  • Security and privacy features

  • No log policy

Available on:


  • Not much

NordVPN is an excellent provider to unblock Hotstar in the USA. Although it is privacy and security-oriented, NordVPN packs unmatched blocking abilities.

Other than Hotstar, you can use NordVPN to unblock other streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO, BBC iPlayer, Prime Video and ESPN Plus, among others.

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NordVPN has 30+ servers in Chennai and Mumbai Indian cities. These servers offer unlimited bandwidth and the fastest speeds, suitable for streaming and other speed-intensive tasks.

You can also switch servers if, by any chance, one isn’t working as intended. Secure and fast protocols include NordLynx, OpenVPN, and IKEv2.

Privacy and security-wise, NordVPN is a no-log provider – it doesn’t keep information that can compromise your online identity. NordVPN uses the high-end AES 256-bit encryption with no data leaks.

You also get to enjoy other features such as double VPN, onion-over VPN, and >obfuscated servers.

NordVPN is compatible with almost all computing devices and big screen streaming devices. Its subscription plans are affordable, and a single subscription allows a simultaneous connection of up to 6 devices.

Each subscription plan carries a hassle-free 30-day money-back guarantee. This VPN provider also has excellent customer support.

NordVPN is available on the Google Play Store, Apple Store and works on devices such as Android, iPhone, Apple TV and other smart TV platforms.


Price from:

$ 2.49 / mo

Available on:


  • Budget-friendly

  • Fastest speeds and unlimited bandwidth

  • Unlimited simultaneous connections

  • Reliable unblocking

Available on:


  • A small fee for some extra features

  • Relatively new

Surfshark is a budget-friendly VPN for streaming Hotstar content in the USA. You also get excellent value as Surfshark offers unlimited simultaneous connections.

This allows you to use the VPN with your whole household, including friends, without degraded performance.

Surfshark VPN offers servers in Mumbai, Chennai, and Indore; any of these seamlessly unblocks Hotstar. These servers are optimized to provide fast connection speeds for a buffer-free and smooth streaming experience.

Surfshark ensures you can watch and unblock Hotstar titles and live sport events with unlimited bandwidth with no throttling.

This VPN provider keeps no log and uses unbreakable VPN encryption. You can select various protocols, including OpenVPN or IKEv2, on Indian servers. You also get access to Camouflage Mode and torrenting securely.

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Surfshark is compatible with smartphones, computers, smart TV, Roku, Firestick, and other streaming devices. Its budget-friendly subscription plans carry a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee.


Price from:

$ 1.9 / mo

Available on:


  • Budget friendly

  • Works with Netflix

  • Can unblock restricted websites

  • Great server selection

Available on:


  • Outdated app

CyberGhost is a fast and secure VPN service suitable for streaming Hotstar in USA. It has 36 servers in Mumbai optimized for streaming content with the highest possible speeds.

You can live stream cricket matches and watch other Indian titles without buffering or lags. CyberGhost is also suitable for torrenting content securely.

Apart from a strict no-log policy, CyberGhost incorporates military-grade encryption, leak protection, kill switch, and excellent protocols – OpenVPN, IKEv2, and WireGuard.

The native apps have nifty features that allow for various customizations and preferences.

CyberGhost supports all the major computing platforms such as Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and various Android systems.

Additionally, you can set CyberGhost to work on big screens and even gaming consoles. CyberGhost VPN allows you to connect up to 7 devices simultaneously.

Its subscription plans won’t break your bank, and the long-term plans carry a 45-day money-back guarantee. There’s also a free trial for first-time customers.

Smart DNS: Alternative Option to Watch Hotstar in the USA

A Smart DNS is another way to unblock and stream Hotstar content. Although it is not as reliable as a VPN, it is a good option where a VPN may fail.

Unlike a VPN, a Smart DNS doesn’t change your IP address while spoofing your geo-location. This is because it does it on the DNS level.

Thus, a Smart DNS is good for protecting your online privacy. Also, it doesn’t protect your online security over the internet since it doesn’t offer any encryption or other security features.

Nonetheless, it can easily bypass VPN blocks since it doesn’t tunnel your online traffic.

Quick Steps on How to Use a Smart DNS to Watch Hotstar in the USA

  1. Sign up for an Indian Smart DNS service and register your IP address.
  2. Go to your device’s Network Settings (or router) and configure the DNS.
  3. Go to the Hotstar app, sign in/log in, and start watching your favorite Disney Hotstar content.

How to Pick the Best Smart DNS for Hotstar in the USA

Getting the right Smart DNS service for unblocking Hotstar in the USA can be challenging. Nonetheless, here are some aspects to consider when picking one:

  • Servers in India.
  • Unlimited bandwidth with fast speed.
  • Works with Hotstar.
  • Live support.
  • Money-back guarantee or Free trial.

With several standalone premium Smart DNS providers on the market, ensure you look at the user reviews and the above aspects when picking one.

Additionally, go for providers that offer DNS addresses rather than installation apps. This is because you can configure DNS addresses on almost every internet-enabled device.

You can also try the incorporated Smart DNS service offered by reputable VPN providers. They work seamlessly.

Like free VPNs, avoid free Smart DNS services; they won’t work with Hotstar.

Getting Started with Hotstar in the USA

Even without a Hotstar account, you can access Hotstar and watch free select content with ads by changing your geo-location to India.

Nonetheless, if you want to enjoy the fully-fledged Disney Hotstar streaming experience, you will need either a Super or a Premium subscription. Both subscriptions give you access to all content with minor differences.

The super plan offers sports with ads, supports 2 simultaneous devices, and you get 1080p as the maximum video quality. The Hotstar Premium plan has no ads, supports up to 4 simultaneous devices, and you get up to 4K video quality.

How to Subscribe to Hotstar in the USA

This is the hardest part, but there’s a workaround to it. To sign up for a Super or the Hotstar Premium account, you need an Indian phone number, an Indian payment method, and an Indian address. This can be tricky if you are in the USA.

Nonetheless, with the internet bringing people together, you can ask for these details from your friend or relative in India, or instead, ask them to sign up an account for you.

If you don’t know anyone in India, you can hire a reputable Indian freelancer from as low as $5 from sites such as Fiverr to create an account for you.

Additional use cases for VPNs:

How to Access and Download Hotstar Apps in the USA

If you don’t feel comfortable watching Hotstar on your computer, you can stream and enjoy your content on your bigger screen or mobile phone.

Additionally, Hotstar is compatible with most streaming devices such as Android TV, Fire TV, and Roku. Head over to the respective app store, and search Hotstar (by Novi Digital).

If the app is not available in your mobile app store, you may need to change your location or region.

If you don’t want to go through that process, here are the official links for the Hotstar app for Android and Hotstar app for iOS.

Wrap Up

Hotstar US is shutting down; you can still access much Indian content from movies to sports via Hotstar India while still in the USA.

All you need is a Hotstar account and a reputable VPN such as the ones mentioned above. You won’t need an account if you don’t mind the ads since the freemium plan offers some select titles.

The top VPNs works seamlessly with Hotstar, and they offer a couple of optimized servers in India.

They offer the fastest speeds, unlimited bandwidth, impeccable security, and other nifty features for your daily use.

You also get to enjoy simultaneous connections, torrenting, and test them using the money-back guarantee.


Can I use my Disney Hotstar India subscription in the USA?

To use Disney Hotstar India in the USA, you must change your geo-location to India. This is necessary to bypass the Hotstar geo-restrictions. The easiest way to change your geo-location is to use a reputable VPN with servers in India.

Can I use a free VPN to watch Hotstar in the USA?

You cannot use a free VPN to watch Hotstar in the USA. Free VPNs have many limitations such as poor unblocking abilities, limited bandwidth, capped speeds, and most of them may not have reliable servers in India.

Does Hotstar support multi-screen watching?

Yes. Hotstar supports simultaneous watching. The Super subscription allows you to watch on 2 devices, while the premium Hotstar subscription allows you to watch on 4 devices. The free plan only allows you to watch on a single device.

Hotstar is not working with my VPN?

In this case, make sure your VPN is not leaking. Leaks will give away your actual location. Additionally, try to switch servers. Sometimes, the particular server you are using might be blocked. You can also try the above VPNs.

Will my Hotstar US subscription be automatically renewed after the change?

Currently, Hotstar is not renewing subscriptions. This is due to the upcoming discontinuation of Hotstar USA(November 30, 2021). If you are interested in Hotstar USA content, you will have to move to the Disney Bundle.

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