HideMyAss! (HMA!) is a VPN service that is owned and run by renowned UK based antivirus company Avast. The VPN itself was launched in 2010 but the company is in business since 2005. HideMyAss! Is known for fast servers and a huge number of available IPs in the US and UK.

The provider also has an amazingly good looking platform and interface that makes it very easy to use. A potential downside could be the fact that it’s located in the United Kingdom which is very low on the list of countries that respect internet freedom and privacy.

Read this HideMyAss! (HMA!) review in order to find out more about the services provided.



HideMyAss! Is one of the best VPN providers when it comes to speed. It as several ultra-fast servers meaning you will never have any issues whatsoever regardless of what you are doing on the web such as playing online multiplayer games or watching HD and 4k movies.

This is mainly because HideMyAss! Is owned by a corporation that has significant revenues. This way it has all the resources it needs to run a huge number of top-line servers in several countries.

So, if you are interested in a VPN for streaming, downloading or MMO’s then HideMyAss! Should absolutely be your choice. There is no question about it.



HideMyAss! Is also one of the best, if not the best, VPN service provider in regards to locations supported. HMA! has a huge number of 280 locations to choose from which beats almost any other VPN available on the market.

The US, which is a very important countries for VPNs, has 65 locations supported.

This combined with the amazing speed make it the best VPN for streaming. If you predominantly use a VPN for streaming you will need lightning fast speeds but also a many server locations to choose from, especially from inside the US. This is so that in case your streaming service will ban an IP (they do that from now and then for IP addresses belonging to a VPN) you will have a huge list of alternative IPs to choose from.

HMA! also has over 100,000 IP addresses to choose from, which is around 3x-4x higher than the available IP addresses offered by any other competitor.

As you can see there is a very good reason why we say HMA! Is the best VPN for streaming. It just truly is no matter how you look at things.



There’s two things you need to keep in mind regarding privacy at HMA!. First is the fact that it does not collect much user data. Second is the fact that it’s located in the UK which is a pretty bad jurisdiction in regards to privacy.

HMA! Only collects data related to connection and disconnection times. It does not connect any real IP data. However, some competing VPN services don’t collect any data at all, so in this regards HMA! Falls a bit behind.

The second issue is that of HMA! Being located in the UK which is a pretty bad jurisdiction for privacy. The UK has many internet censorship laws and several content restrictions, which go way beyond what’s usually the norm most other Western countries, including even the US.

Don’t get this wrong, if you want to use HMA! For streaming or downloading, then you can completely ignore this aspect as it will not matter to you in any form whatsoever. But if you need a VPN for other things that require more privacy then you should pick one that’s not located in the UK.

HMA! Is also a great VPN to use when connecting to a public wifi due to high level encryption it provides.

So, even if it’s located in the UK, for around 99% of use cases this will be irrelevant. If you need a VPN for the other 1% then go over to our privacy toplist and select a VPN that’s specially recommended for this.


Ease of Use

Another area where HMA! excels is ease of use. HideMyAss! Has a super-modern platform that’s very simple to understand and navigate. In my opinion it’s one of the aesthetically best-made VPN’s available. It even comes wit nice graphics and stuff.

The settings page is very easy to understand and adjust things on even if you are a complete newcomer and don’t understand what does what. Everything is explained so you’ll catch on very quick about what is what and what does what.

The mobile app is also extremely easy to use and super light-weight. It may however not contain the necessary advanced features for advanced users. But that’s fine because if you use HMA! For streaming and similar services you will not use 90% of the available settings ever.

Most of those settings are for privacy that should be used for specific circumstances, but as I already explained, for those special circumstances you should use a different VPN instead.

You will be able to use HMA! In 5 devices simultaneously using the same subscription.



HMA!’s customer support is very responsive and helpful. Usually the support department of most other VPN companies is not that great because they assume everyone just understands everything and they don’t focus so much on this area. But it’s different at HMA!.

The best way to contact the support staff is though live chat and in my personal experience you usually will be given real advice and help there, unlike at many other VPN providers.

What it lacks is a better made and organized FAQ and knowledge section. Sometimes it can get a bit difficult to find exactly what you need.



HideMyAss! Has 3 pice plans, which are: 1 month plan at $11.99; 6 months plan at $7.99 per month and the 12 months plan at $6.88 per month. This makes HMA! A little bit more expensive than most other VPN’s but I believe the few extra dollars (it’s really just like $1-$2 extra) you pay per month are absolutely worth it due to the huge number of available servers and high-speeds provided.

HideMyAss! Also comes with a 30 days refund policy.

Our Rating


HydeMyAss!is extremely fast, simple and private: a truly standout VPN

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