StrongVPN is one of the very first VPN companies to be launched. It’s in operation since 1994 and is located in the United States. During the past years it was not necessarily one of the best VPN providers available but due to increased competition from many new companies it implemented many new and significant updates.

It comes with very good quality servers mainly in the US and UK but may lack in high-speed servers in most other locations. So if you want to connect to a different IP than US or UK, you should ensure that those locations are supported by StrongVPN.

One of the greatest advantages of this VPN is that it has a zero logs policy, meaning that no records of your web activity are being recorded.

Read the below StrongVPN review in order to learn about the quality of services provided.



When it comes to speed StrongVPN performs quite well. There are some newer VPN companies hat offer better speeds but the speed and performance offered by StrongVPN should be more than enough to perform complex things without issues such as streaming HD movies, downloading large files and playing online multilayer games.

It however appears that these speeds are not always consistent. Most of the time you may experience periodic lag and buffering issues when streaming. This is however very rare and usually happens when many users are connected simultaneously to a server.

However, even so, the performance is always decent and you will not experience annoying delays or drops to lower streaming quality.

It’s also suited for gamers wit its low latency and ping time.



Unlike many other newer VPN providers, StrongVPN unfortunately does not have servers and IPs in a very large number of countries. The service has more than 650 servers which is good, but only in 26 different countries and 46 cities.

Most newer VPN providers have servers in up to 100+ different countries. This is slowly becoming the norm for any VPN provider and 26 is just too small of a number in comparison with what many others have to offer.

Most servers are located in the US and UK, so if you mainly only want to connect to these locations then StrongVPN is great for you. We just can’t give it a very high score in this category considering that many other VPN providers have several times more countries and locations to choose from.

Again, for US and UK it’s great, as it’s there where the majority of servers are located.

If you’re interested in accessing streaming services with a US IP, then StrongVPN is excellent, as it has a massive number of servers in the US, several times more than other providers, even the ones mentioned with 100+ locations and countries.



StrongVPN is located in the US, which is a very privacy unfriendly jurisdiction. But the great part about StrongVPN is that it has a no-logs policy, meaning that it will not keep records – not even temporary ones – of any user details whatsoever. This includes data such as even time you connected and server used.

The reason this is so great is because at the moment the wast majority of VPN providers do not follow this policy and will usually record data such as connection times.
So, while being located in the US, it’s still a great choice for privacy enthusiasts. Nevertheless, we can’t give StrongVPN maximum score in this category. With all the NSA stuff going on, you can still never be 100% certain what’s being done with internet traffic in the US. So, as much as we would want to, StrongVPN cannot get the highest score in this category.


Ease of Use

Traditionally StrongVPN did not have a very user-friendly interface, mainly because the platform was just so old. The company was launched in 1994 so it just kept many old trends that are outdated now. However, this has changed recently with a redesign and a completely new platform and mobile app.

The website itself is not very easy to navigate but I still personally feel it’s a little bit outdated and old-school. But this does not mean it’s not good. It’s just an aesthetic preference of mine.

The platform, on the other had, looks pretty nice but not necessarily that modern. The main screen (which is the one you will spend most time on) is very minimalist and only contains a selector for the location you want to connect to and the connect/disconnect button itself.

You can adjust more advanced settings on a settings menu that will present all the adjustable variables on one single page, which is pretty nice.

The same things can be said about the mobile app too.

StrongVPN would get a higher score in this category if it would have an aesthetically more modern look and feel. However, in regards to functionality it’s excellent, so don’t let my subjective views about aesthetics discourage you.



Before the update StrongVPN’s support was not that good. Now it has a live chat feature that did not exist before. You will usually receive a reply from the company’s within just a few minutes. The problem is that if you are not very specific with your question or with describing your problem you may get back a basic and scripted reply.

It also looks like the live chat support reps are not that knowledgeable from a technical standpoint. If you have a highly technical issue then you may be forwarded to tech support and you may only get a reply the next day.

So if you are a total beginner with VPNs it’s perhaps better to read technical articles on our site or similar sites rather than asking StrongVPN live chat.

If you already know VPNs work and how to set up one then you most likely will never have to interact with technical support.

Billing support is fortunately very fast and professional. This is why StrongVPN will not get a very low score in this category.



Unlike many other VPN providers, StrongVPN has only 2 pricing plans instead of the regular 3.

These are $10 per month for one month subscription and $5.83 per month for 12 months pre-paid subscription.

It has a 30 days refund policy which is higher than the usual 7 days or 14 days offered by most other VPN companies.

This is not necessarily a very high price, but most other and newer VPN providers offer much more services (especially when it comes to IP locations and countries) for the exact same amount of money (or sometimes even cheaper). So we can’t really give a high score for this category either.

Our Rating


StrongVPNis extremely fast, simple and private: a truly standout VPN

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